Starting A New Business? Here’s How To Overcome Fear AND Guarantee a Surefire Success!

Happy New Year!

Today, I want to discuss something very important.

If you’re starting a business, I want to share with you a surefire way to start a business and make it thrive!

I’ll get to more on that in a moment… but why is this such an important topic?

The last week has been very interesting for me.

I’ve been asking everyone I meet what their New Year’s resolutions are. I’m shocked at how many people have the same resolution…

Of course a big group want to lose weight, or get in shape, or travel more…

But the one resolution I keep hearing is people planning to start their own business… they want to start a side hustle… they want to freelance… or moonlight.

I bet you’re hearing the same things.

Maybe you want to start your business… if so, you’re in the right place!

Many people are excited at the idea of starting a business or side hustle, but are held back with fear…

The Fear Of Startup Failure

As someone who has started 7 different businesses, I can tell you, the fear of business failure is real.

You’re going to sink a ton of time into your new business venture. You’re going to tell friends and family about your big plans. And you’re going to spend money… lots of money… getting your business started.

You’ve got a lot on the line.

The fear of failure is real.

Just imagine telling your friends you failed. The fear of telling your significant other you failed is paralyzing. The fear of losing tons of money is… well, potentially devastating.

This fear keeps many from ever trying to achieve their dream of business ownership.

I know of a few ways to make sure you succeed… but most don’t focus on the details… instead, they’re focused on the potential for success.

I can tell you without a doubt…

The Lure of Business Success Is Greater Than Any Failure

There is no better feeling than owning your own business.

There is no better feeling than running a successful business… a business that provides for you and your family… a business that throws off cash and supports the lifestyle of your dreams.

Owning a business allows you the freedom to decide when and where to work.

And, frankly, having a successful business can make your friends a little jealous of your lifestyle! Nothing like putting your smug brother in law in his place… right!

Just imagine walking into the bank… as you try to hide your big grin… while you deposit a check for $10,000. The recent profits from your business.

Feels good right.

How big would your smile be?

This is why people start a business. This is why every day hundreds and thousands of people jump into their own side hustle.

But to get this success you’ve got to push your fears aside…

How To Claim Surefire Success With Your Business

What’s the best way to beat back those fears?

It’s about having a plan… it’s about doing your research in advance… it’s about thinking smartly about your new business and how you’re going to find success.

Do you want my surefire tip to business success?

It’s simple.

Know who your customers are… and how best to communicate with them.

Easy right?

Think about what this means. It means you need to understand your customer. You need to know what their pain points are. You need to know what kind of solution they’re looking for… and how to approach them.

For example, here at Betwext, I know our customers are small business owners. I know where these business owners hang out online.

These are business owners who understand that digital marketing is important… but they’ve struggled with email marketing. They need a simple solution to reach out to prospects and customers that delivers results. They see text marketing everywhere, and they want to put it to use.

So, that’s what we do.

Of course, that means our system needs to be easy to use… and something that can be started in just a few minutes. More important business owners using Betwext need to see instant results. Because they are busy with thousands of other things to do!

We know who our best customers are… we know where they are… how to advertise to them… and how to communicate with them.

Our other secret…

SMS Marketing is a Game Changer!

One thing that we do at Betwext is communicate with Prospects and Customers in a number of ways.

Of course we do Facebook posts… and you’ll find us on LinkedIn.

We also capture emails for follow-up. And that’s what many marketing consultants recommend. But we go one step further.

You see, at best, email open rates are 15% or 20% if you’re lucky. That means only 15 or 20 people for every HUNDRED see your email.

Crazy right.

That’s why we also use text message marketing.

Texts are short and sweet… and read rates are over 90%!

Think about that for a moment… You’d need to send 4 or 5 separate emails… just to get the same number of people who read your ONE text message.

Using text message marketing… That’s known as smart marketing!

Look, text message marketing isn’t hard. And you can start texting in less than 10 minutes.

But there’s more to it than that…

Texting Is A Great Way To Communicate With Customers

Concur New Business Fears with Surefire Success

If you want to find surefire success with your new business, I recommend you look closely at using text message marketing.

If you want to learn all the details about how to do text marketing the right way, I recommend you get our special report “The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing”