Now you can

  • Automatically create a lead from a prospect call
  • See caller ID and lead source before a sales rep answers a call
  • Know which Google keyword led to the current incoming call

With more than 100,000 satisfied users, Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM solutions. Delivered via the cloud, Salesforce gives sales management and sales teams greater transparency into the sales process. But what many teams don’t realize is that they can radically improve that transparency by automatically integrating phone leads, lead sources and keyword tracking into Salesforce without relying on reps to manually enter that information.

The combination of Ifbyphone and Salesforce delivers valuable customer information at the beginning of every inbound call and reduces input errors that can jeopardize relationships with leads or prospects. With Ifbyphone, teams can also record sales calls for documentation or training purposes.

Here’s how it works: When calls come into your company, Ifbyphone for Salesforce searches the Salesforce database for a record of the incoming phone number and provides a link to the relevant information. With a single click, sales agents instantly open the contact or “organization” in Salesforce and gain access to data that is vital for nurturing the prospect or closing the sale.

If there is no existing record of the caller in Salesforce, you’re presented with a link that invites you to create a new lead. Ifbyphone automatically populates the new lead record with available information including the caller’s phone number and lead source information. If you use Ifbyphone’s SourceTrak solution, the lead record populates with the online search keywords, domain name and Google AdWords campaign that drove the call.

If the call comes in after hours, Ifbyphone for Salesforce will capture caller information in a Salesforce queue for team callbacks, regardless of whether or not the caller currently exists in your Salesforce database.

At the end of the day, the combined power of Ifbyphone and Salesforce delivers the kind of reporting and transparency that both sales management and sales teams demand.