Stop Making Excuses word. Magnifier and puzzles.

I need to be honest with you (not that I was lying before). I was not motivated to write this blog. I am not in the mood, and I am not inspired. What could I write about that would inspire you when I was not inspired. But you know what? I have to do it!

I have an accountability partner who I talk with every Monday. We have an agreement to stake our claim on what we are going to accomplish to promote and propel our businesses forward, and then we review last week’s tasks and see how we did. When I asked my partner about doing his blog he stated, “I had too much work, and I was not feeling good, and my son graduated college…” and so on!

Now, I have a lot of client work, and I am launching new products and teaching my students, but these are not excuses.

Be Consistent

flower-629984_1920My students expect me to walk the walk … when I talk the talk. I tell them that they have to be consistent, and I have to do exactly that! If you want your audience to pay attention, consume and engage with your messages, then you have to do it on a regular basis. If you publish this week and not the next, people start to lose interest.

Also, you never know when you will catch lightning in a bottle (something you write, or a podcast or video starts to go viral). It can take 5, 10 or 20 years to become an overnight success!

Compound Interest

What if you could make a 1% difference every single day? What would happen after a year? Most people would say that you would be 365% better. In reality, it compounds and doubles. 1% turns into 2% on day two, 4% on day three, 8% on day 4, and so on! After only 30 days you would see a 536,870,912% difference (at least that’s how it would work if you could double pennies every day for 30 days).

Every time you produce content, it compounds and builds upon itself!


How To Get Things Done

The easiest way to make sure that you get things done is to put them in your schedule. I schedule my week out like this…

  • Marketing Monday – I spend the day working on marketing my business. I do two podcasts and one blog per week. I do my best to get all of my business communications completed on this day.
  • Training Tuesday – This is the day that I focus on training my students and myself. Being in the social media and Internet marketing business, it’s imperative that I train myself, so that I can stay up to date on current trends and changes.
  • Working Wednesday – I schedule as much client work as possible on this day. It’s not the only day I work, but I do my best to block out as much time as possible for client projects.
  • Togetherness Thursday – This is the day that I get out and meet people. I do most of my networking and meetings on this day!
  • Flexible Friday – Just like it sounds … I do all of the above, but if I accomplish everything I need to do on the other days, I can actually take some time for myself to go golfing or do something else fun.

imac-605421_1920Does this mean that I don’t spend any time marketing on Tuesday through Friday? Sure I do, and I am open to things that happen for clients (broken websites and other issues) every day of the week.

The other thing I do is schedule my week in my calendar. I use a Mac, but scheduling works with PCs also. If it’s not in my schedule, it does not get done. I schedule my two podcasts (editing and posting) and blog each week. There are entries for updating websites as well as any other task I have to do each week so the time is blocked out on my calendar.

I also use a program called Acuity Scheduling. I interviewed the owner on my Bacon Podcast and fell in love with the program because it integrates with Paypal, GoToMeeting, Aweber and all my programs. It helps people book training, podcast interviews, intake meetings and more!

Final Thoughts

binding-contract-948442_1920I owe it to you to make sure that I give you my best information each week. Be committed to doing the same. No matter the size of your audience on social media, email, or in person, they count on you to be consistent and compelling.

If you don’t, there are a lot of other people out there vying for their attention!

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!