Creative Thinking - Creativity and Innovation

Creative thinking is a vital characteristic for a marketing professional – great businesses last because of innovations and improvements brought about by creative minds.

However, it takes a lot of practice to develop creative thinking, especially if you’re not the imaginative type. To innovate and inspire your mind in coming up with fresh ideas, below is a roundup of references on how you can develop realistic, yet creative thinking.

Introduction to Creative Thinking

This post differentiates creative thinking from critical thinking and talks about how both are nonetheless related. Also discussed are the theoretical approaches about the process of creative thinking and how you can develop yours.

How to Become a Creative Thinker

The article commits to practical approaches on how creative thinking is developed by individuals planning to use this acquired skill for dealing with business and the real world.

Creative Thinking – What, Why, and How

This is a short but sweet slideshow post that explains the essential tenets of creative thinking and the processes involved in shaping your ideas into concepts.

Big Ideas for 2012

This post lists down the different creative ideas in the different fields of occupation in development or brought to life in 2012. The astounding feats man has achieved through their ideas are testament to what creative thinking can do for us, which is to shatter conventions and reach new heights.

Creative Thinking - InnovationFrom the resources above, you need to realize that creativity is useful for small businesses running low on marketing funds. Being able to craft fresh ideas allows you to advertise and promote your business without spending too much.

Try to apply what you have learned from the references above by thinking about the following:

  • How can you change a traditional business card from being a simple card that has your contact details into a client magnet?
  • How can sticker printing be a promotional campaign for small businesses?
  • What other marketing avenues and strategies can you take advantage of that won’t require you to spend too much and at the same time promote your business effectively?

If you have any ideas or thoughts to share, suggestions, or information please don’t hesitate. Write us a comment below.