Influence MarketingThe business world is getting quickly crowded and people are putting a higher value on their time because we as a society have turned into a country that is consuming more and more information. Think about it for a second. Would you ever leave the house today without your smartphone? Can you watch TV without a smartphone nearby?People are wanting and consuming more and more information every day.

Look at the recent Pokemon Go phenomenon. Overnight, Nintendo resurrected its brand and it added $7.5 billion to its market value.

The Internet can quickly resurrect old brands and create new brands. This should get the attention of owners and executives of all kinds of businesses. It certainly has my attention.

My takeaways from this recent news are that I need to make sure we continue to work at putting our company brand in a position for our clients to be able to see and access our service offerings at their convenience. At least start the conversation and shorten the decision-making time. Yesterday, we gained a client because we were able to answer his question within an hour of it being received. Our competitor never responded to his question. This is not an isolated incident. This is the new economy and culture.

The Right People

I think it is going to take a special group of people to work in this type of environment and understand how important it is to work with a sense of urgency. In addition, I believe we are going to need to get more creative and more innovative. Discussions need to be continually occurring about new opportunities and continuous improvements.

A More Interactive Experience

I am working on a newer, better web experience for clients. This takes a lot of planning and work up front, but it is critical going forward.

Marketing is becoming more Service

Product, Price, Place Promotion is an old system. Today the factors of time and client control need to be considered. It is a different model altogether. Service is the differentiator that brings time and client control together. Better service to clients is critical. It really can be summed up in creating a better client experience.

The Unknown

The days of the five-year plan are really disappearing fast. Think about the last five years. I know there are some areas of our company that did not change much and we are certainly paying the price today. This is just the way things are today.

Building Influence

I think the best way to learn more in this area is to get out and try things. A number of things will not work, but it is important to find out why. I try reading and discovering new ideas and everyone has a different answer when it comes to this topic. Right now, I have several projects going on at the same time and the results are very interesting. There is no magic bullet here and I have learned that I cannot put all my energies into one area like social media, content marketing or video. In addition, I am finding myself investing more and more resources in this area.

I am making it a point to be more active and set a presence at work, outside the office, online and on different social media channels. In the past, I found myself doing the same type of activities and seeing similar results. Today, I am raising the bar some more. I am not someone who likes things the way they are. I prefer to be someone who stretches himself farther and is not afraid to take risks. For this reason, I am looking closer at Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. In addition, I have a new respect for different platforms and I am learning to break my old habits and establish new ways to better communicate.