10 Business Goals for Success in 2019

Create Your Success Plan in 2019 With These 10 Business Goals

Setting our business goals helps us remain focused and driven as we move through the holidays and into the new year. This could be continual education, personal development, a career change, or a financial overhaul — well-crafted goals push us further and help us to stay on track.

Writing out your ideas ahead of time instills confidence along with a sense of achievement and purpose. Setting aside a specific time to complete our goals allows you to work at them over time as you build momentum during a slow down.

In completing each goal, big or small, we can feel a sense of pride and happiness that uplifts us for the year ahead.

Are you ready to take action to achieve your business goals?

In writing a plan of action note the important items first, then map out your long-term goals.

Many people find that vision boards with vivid images help them to stay on track. I personally use written note cards and pictures at home, at work, and on my computer to remind me of what to accomplish each day. Find what works for you! In order for your business to be successful you need to find the right planning method and inspiration that will best propel you into the future.

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” ~ Helen Keller

Here are ten steps you can use to create a new vision for the upcoming year:

1 – Change what’s not working in your current plan

Take a look at what you wrote down at the end of 2017 — did you meet your top goals? What you would like to change or add for the new year? Focus on what you can finish and don’t beat yourself up over things that have not been achieved yet. This will become a starting point for the direction you want to head into.

2 – Find the passion in your business

What motivates you and/or your team in the work your are currently doing? It’s important to evaluate the ‘why’ behind what you do — this provides a sense of purpose and passion that is fuel for action. Our routines and systems can become stale and rigid — add something new and creative to your overall plan.

3 – Start with the simple tasks first

Begin with easy tasks in order to build confidence and momentum for the larger goals. Remember that challenges will always come and we can do our best to prepare ahead of time, but sometimes situations can come up that take us by surprise in our personal and professional lives. When you find that your motivation is waning, you can revive your passion by surrounding yourself with a good team of supporters and being flexible when change arrives.

4 – Remain focused on reaching your business goals

I like to keep handy and repeat positive affirmations daily to help keep my focus on successfully achieving my goals. With positive affirmations we can stop negative thoughts and replace those with motivational phrases instead. For example, if you are finding yourself moving into overwhelm, you could write down and say, “I can handle all pressure and feel passion for my work.” You can find a mobile app to help keep your mind focused, especially when it comes to managing your time and business.

5 – Create a personal action plan

It’s just as important to have personal goals in place when developing a plan for your professional work. Your talents and abilities can help you build realistic expectations according to your work load. Determine what your limits are and set boundaries on what you can take on in order to be more effective and positive.

6 – Gain new skills

Build your knowledge, discover new things you can learn for your work, and develop new skills to enable you to grow and expand. What further education do you need in order to live your dream life? What talents and skills would enhance that journey? Make it a point to learn something new each day and keep space open your schedule to add on learning.

7 – Participate in webinars and conferences

Time and money spent on investing in yourself is well spent, and will attract more clients for your business in the future as you network with others. You may have heard the saying, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity!” When you connect with other professionals in your industry, you can create more opportunities to help you reach your goals. In addition to paid conferences, there are many free online webinars, podcasts, and live videos available that will bring more enrichment to your life.

8 – Find what is most efficient in meeting your business goals

If your business has not been moving forward the way you had planned you can speed up the process by setting bite-sized, realistic goals that you can achieve instead of forecasting too many large items at once. What areas can you outsource and what tasks are unnecessary to your current plan? Asks these questions to help eliminate information and schedule overload.

9 – Have the right perspective

Decide to have a mindset of success, and that you can reach every goal that you set because you know you have the ability and dedication to do so. It’s not a perfect process, but the key is to keep working at your goals until they become what you want them to be. Refuse to give up or quit — use your setbacks as learning curves and stepping stones.

10 – Don’t miss the opportunity to start the year out right

As the saying goes, we reap what we sow, and so why not sow success, a positive attitude and motivation? Decide now that your goals are within reach, and that you can see them getting closer every day no matter how fast or slow your business is moving. It is only a matter of time before you achieve your goals as you continue to work and persevere.

Our goals help us take charge of our businesses and our lives. Decide to do things that matter by enlisting the help of others to come alongside you and strengthen you. As you see improvement this will help you become more successful and allow you to provide the same for entrepreneurs who are also moving forward in their goals.