Ever wonder why so many front doors are red? There’s a specific reason. But it depends on who you ask.

In Western culture, it’s because a red door is inviting and welcoming, which is a perfect symbol of what a front door should be. It’s also a great symbol for what your website’s demo video should be.

A great demo video is the front door of your website. So for B2B marketers it’s an important creative asset, especially from a product marketing perspective.

At Bizible, we recently created a demo video and learned a lot in the process. In this post, we’ll go through our process and explain some of the gotchas for working with a creative agency to create something perfect.

When Do You Need To Update Your Demo Video?

Did you know traditionally people in Scotland painted their doors red to signify that they paid off their mortgage? Perhaps it was to shoo bankers away. The point is, the door delivers a message.

So when companies evolve, so too should the message on their front door. We updated our product offering and messaging so it was time update our tired demo video.

After months of back and forth, we finally published the video on our website.

We learned a few important lessons, which we’ll discuss below.

How To Work With A Creative Agency

Gathering feedback from every stakeholder and communicating that vision to the creative agency, who has less product and industry knowledge, can be time-consuming. Every second of animation and every word of audio has to be carefully chosen and then communicated to the agency.

It’s a lot of detail work and iteration. Start with a storyboard that includes the following information for each scene: script, visual description, time length. Then be prepared for many iterations.

Here’s what ours looked like.


It always helps to read the script out loud in front of others. Attention spans and sentence flow sound much different when spoken aloud. It costs more to re-record with the voice actor or actress. So make sure it sounds perfect to your ears the first time.

Lastly, the visual aspect of your demo video will have constraints. This isn’t a big budget picture. So, it’s important to visually communicate the features and benefits as clearly and simply as possible. This isn’t easy with a complex product like B2B software or technology.

One thing that helps, is to consider using colors, icons, and movement, in its most simple form. Boil everything down to the root of what you need to communicate. Always ask yourself if there is a simpler way to communicate the point.

Rolling Out A New Demo Video Successfully

Once the iterations have been completed and key stakeholders have signed off, it’s time to roll out the demo video.

Here are a few tips for a successful rollout:

  • Ensure all old videos are replaced across your site.
  • Communicate with sales teams so they know to use the new video
  • Look for more opportunities to show off the new video, such as in email embeds or optimizing landing pages so the video shows up above the fold.