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If you want to grow your business or email list, then creating lead magnets will help you a lot. Lead magnets or buzz pieces are purposeful forms of content that show potential customers that you are knowledgeable about your industry and you have the solutions to their problems. When they visit your website and see the lead magnet, they can obtain it by exchanging their email. Lead magnets are crucial to building a targeted email list and giving potential customers a small peek on what your business delivers and how it can help them.

Pick a Medium and Format
Businesses have a variety of mediums and formats to choose from when creating lead magnets. They can be as simple as creating a three-page checklist to a long two-hour webinar. Here are the mediums and their formats to try:

● eBook
● Checklist
● Workbook
● Report
● Resource Guide
● Email Course

● Webinar
● Video Course

● Audiobooks
● Podcasts

Be Specific
The best lead magnets target a specific audience and solve a specific problem that they are having.

Example: Melanie has a photography business. She wants to create a lead magnet that attracts her target customers.
● If her customers are families looking for classy portraits, she can create a guide on how families should be prepared before taking a photo: “What Every Family Member Should Do Before Taking a Portrait”.
● If her target customers are business executives looking to have better public pictures, she can create a checklist titled: “7 Poses Every Business Executive Should Try in a Professional Photo”.
● If Melanie wants to make money educating others on photography, she can create an ebook helping future students improve their skills:“Photography Basics that Every Beginner Should Know.”

Provide Value
Your lead magnets should be interesting and informative. The title and substance of the magnets should grab visitors’ attention and convince them that they need it. Don’t be boring with a five-page eBook that only talks about your business and does not address any of the problems that the readers are having. Your lead magnet’s objective is to please your target audience and prove to them that your business is the solution that they are looking for.

When creating your lead magnets, make sure that they deliver the value that you promised. If you told visitors that you have a 10 point checklist ready for them when they sign up and they never get it, then they will no longer trust you and will unsubscribe from your email list. Whatever is displayed on your lead magnet’s landing page should consist in your magnet. If you promised a 10-page eBook, then don’t give them 5 pages.

Ask Them to Do More
Another benefit of having lead magnets is that they can become a step in your marketing and sales process. Do you have an online course to promote? You can use a webinar as a way to sell it.

For example, Melanie has an online course that she wants to sell to people wanting to improve their photography. So she creates a webinar exploring the basics of photography and what viewers should do to improve their skills. At the end of the webinar, she promotes her online course. She explains to them how her course can help them become skilled photographers. She also tells viewers by watching her webinar they can get a discount if they decide to buy the course.