Corporate video production is not easy to get right. It is now well documented that businesses can benefit greatly through using video to promote their services but the execution of this differs from business to business.

This video is designed to give you an over-view of how you should go about planning your corporate video.

For anyone that had difficulties viewing the video here is the transcript:


• Corporate video production can be a large investment for any business so it is important to get it right.
• Every company needs a different strategy for their corporate video production – it will depend on the personality of your business (that you aspire to) and your business goals.
• There are commonalities and we will show you how to get it right for your business in this short video.

How to approach a corporate video production

• Define your business goals – write down the first 3 that come to mind right now.
• What is the most important business goal for you (of these three) to achieve with the corporate video production?
¬ Trust
¬ Awareness
¬ Appeal
¬ Credibility
¬ Direct Sales?

• Now think about your customers and their problems – what kind of advice/help do they need – is it strong direction or a shoulder to cry on?
• Write down the effect that you want your video to have on the viewer and how you want them to view you, e.g.
¬ Passionate/Warm/Devoted/Dynamic
¬ Powerful /Confident/Opinionated/Decisive
¬ Fun/Rebellious/Innovative/Creative/Entrepreneurial
¬ Trustworthy/Reliable/Stable/Comforting
¬ Prestigious/Ambitious/Aspirational/Discerning
¬ Mystical/Rational/Deliberate/Understated
¬ Perfectionist/Careful/Routine-oriented/Rational

I find that it helps to visualize your company as a famous person that embodies the same personality and to visualize how they may communicate your message.

Decide on the best type of corporate video for your strategic aims

  • Direct Sales – Web Presenter / Animation
  • Trust – Customer Testimonials/Interview with CEO
  • Awareness – Discussion of a common problem/need in your industry (like this video)
  • Appeal – Web Presenter/Case study/Product Overview
  • Credibility – Testimonials/Case Studies/Web Presenter

Yes, we are pushing the boat on the Web presenter type videos, this is purely because we have seen these videos achieve these specific goals for our clients.

Now, what have you learned?

1) What you are trying to achieve
2) What tone your video needs to take
3) What kind of video you need.

Now you are 50% of the way to a successful corporate video – of course the execution is key.

To get the execution right you can use a video production company – there is a link at the end of this video to another video that will tell you how to go about choosing the right video production company to get your project executed to perfection every time.

Alternatively; you can leave specific questions below this video on our blog. If you are watching this on Youtube you can also leave a question there for us.