Do you ever get so tired you wonder how you can keep going? My guess is that your answer to that question is yes since just about everybody who’s ever worked hard has gotten tired from time to time.

For contractors, though, the problem sometimes goes to motivation as much as being tired. When they are both it can be really tough to keep going. So, how do contractors stay motivated when they are running on empty?

Have a Brainstorming Session

When contractors are running on empty one thing they can do for motivation is have a brainstorming session. Often taking a few minutes to create a simple brainstorm bubble, or mind map, can produce new ideas as well as inspiration to continue on to the next task.

Banish Burn Out

To banish burn out and stay motivated when they are running on empty contractors can employ several different tactics.

For example, they could take a quick break by going for a short walk. Or, they could find another activity that breaks their regular routine such as listening to music for a few minutes while doing some stretches.

Doing a different activity or getting up to move gets the blood pumping and at the same time lets their mind rest for a bit. It could be exactly what is needed to provide the momentum to keep going when they are tired.

Diversify Services

Contractors can stay motivated when they are running on empty by diversifying their services. If all they do is write, for instance, perhaps they should try doing some proofreading as well. They could also do virtual assistant work as well as many other services.

The advantage of diversifying their services is that it gives contractors a break from the sameness or monotony of doing the same thing over and over. It can provide a welcome change and relief that spurs them on to keep going even when they are tired or bored.

Set Goals

Another way to combat a lack of motivation for contractors is to set goals. Creating goals is sort of like making a map of where they want to go in their business. Rather than working with no goal to reach for it can be the motivator to keep going when things get a little tough.

Without setting goals it’s kind of like a soccer team with no goal to shoot for. The team can dribble the ball toward the other end but then what? How do they know when they have scored or the game is over?

Having no goals is similar. It makes it hard for a contractor to know what they are working for or when they have reached success.

Maybe they are working so they can retire early or help their kids or grandkids have money for college. Or, they could be working toward and entirely different goal.

Whatever the goal is, they should write it down and put it where they can see it. Hanging it up in sight provides the motivation they may need to keep going when they are running on empty.

Enjoy a Small Reward

Occasionally a small reward is what is needed for contractors to stay motivated when they are running on empty. They could take a day or weekend to enjoy a leisure activity they like to do either alone or with friends or family.

Or, they could purchase something small for themselves that they have been wanting for a while. The idea is to give themselves a reasonable reward that inspires them to stay motivated.

It’s true that contractors who work hard get tired or have trouble staying motivated sometimes just like everyone else. But there are ways they can combat it so they can still reach their goals.