Contact center – two words that actually get India and the Philippines to the minds of global professionals that are familiar with the outsourcing industry. Those two words get them to think about the variety of solutions they can take advantage from an outsourcing services provider. On the other hand, those who are unfamiliar with the outsourcing industry would probably view contact centers as simply a department for customer service. It isn’t just like that nowadays. Many contact center outsourcing companies have already stretched out their service offerings and developed ground-breaking solutions to interested companies and organizations. These innovative contact center solutions no longer limit outsourcing companies to approach prospects who are only interested in seeking customer support solutions since these solutions can also be applied to other functions such as billing, procurement, marketing, and sales.

The possible areas where a contact center services solutions provider can be of help to a company aside from customer support are enumerated below:

  1. Telemarketing – While this function have been viewed to be long gone or saturated these days, having an outsourcing company as a partner for the telemarketing processes of a company could still help in increasing sales.
  2. Lead Generation – This business function can help a company improve its sales by looking for potential buyers for its products or services, and later on reaching out to them either by phone or email.
  3. Claims Processing – There are circumstances in which an unsettled claim or bill needs to be followed up. While attending to this would hinder a company from moving forward and from focusing on its business cores, it is highly recommended to employ a contact center outsourcing company that would be able to excellently handle the tasks.
  4. Shipping Support – With the different retailers in the market that offer shipping of purchased products, there is a possibility that the delivery gets delayed. There are also situations when the customer just wants to check on the product that he or she has bought. Contact center providers can handle these tasks. They are also popular in providing shipping support because companies have realized that maintaining an in-house team that would handle such process has proven to be quite an added disbursement for them.

Eventually, it can be assumed that for every industry, be it banking and finance, logistics, software and retail, there is room for the help of a contact center outsourcing company. This is also the reason why it is no longer a surprise that contact centers are one of the most popular outsourced services around the world.