It’s a new year, which means it’s time to start working on a new set of resolutions (read: lose weight, eat better, save money, repeat). Thankfully, there are a lot of great companies working hard to help businesses (and their employees) easily achieve their 2016 goals — whether it’s maintaining a healthy lifestyle or healthy balance sheet.

Here are six of the best companies/products on the market today that will help you achieve your goals:

Beat Back The Bulge

Maintaining a healthy diet is key to staying focused and staying happy. Meanwhile, workplaces that offer great nutritional meals often create a strong workplace community.

Hungryroot founder Ben McKean is hoping to revolutionize healthy eating with his food delivery company. Customers who order from the company can expect a packaged meal that’s less than 500 calories and consists of up to 80 percent vegetables and 20 percent protein.

Rather than the expected salmon and potatoes, each package contains original creations such as organic noodles (made from beets, zucchinis or radishes) and almond chickpea cookie dough. Thanks to the company’s “modified atmosphere packaging” technology its meals can last up to 14 days, which means employees will never go hungry.

Money, Money, Money

Keeping track of money made throughout the year is an important part of every business’ day-to-day. Cloud accounting company FreshBooks, probably better known to businesses for its online accounting software, is hoping to help solopreneurs and startups make more money in the New Year (and keep track of it) with its new mobile payment service.

The company’s new card reader accepts most major bank and credit cards so vendors can complete sales on the go without having to carry money and provides an analyzed breakdown of each business’s balance sheet throughout the month.

Get Active

This ballet-inspired fitness boutique has won over fitness fanatics with its workout system that combines ballet classes with yoga. Unlike some of its competitors, Barre3 also offers its classes online, which is a real boost for busy employees who can’t make it to the gym, but want to work out throughout the day in small office spaces.

The company’s popularity also proves that the downward trend the fitness industry experienced after the recession has finally abated.

Network More

Thankfully, there’s an app for everything these days. For new business owners who want to network with other like-minded professionals, there is now a variety of apps that will take all the guesswork (and paperwork) out of the ordeal.

One of the best applications is called Aloqa, which is designed for entrepreneurs on the move who want to network in different parts of the country. The online program uses GPS to find local events, and is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Meanwhile, Hashable makes it easier for entrepreneurs to stay in contact with potential clients and fellow business owners thanks to its digital card application that stores an entrepreneur’s contact information on your phone, so you never lose it.

Improve Performance

Improving work performance is no easy feat, but there are some simple things workers and business owners can do to supercharge their day, according to Maria Bella, the entrepreneur behind Top Balance Nutrition.

Starting the day off on the right foot can be as straightforward as making sure to have a hot cup of coffee (devoid of any additions like sugar and cream). Moderate amounts of the liquid gold have been shown to improve memory while a steady diet of old-fashion fruits and vegetables (i.e. ditch trendy superfoods) have been proven to increase concentration and energy.

Never Be Late Again

Any commuter who has had to navigate the dizzying array of transportation options in major cities around the world can testify as to how difficult it is to get anywhere on time. TransitScreen, based in Washington, D.C., has taken all the guesswork out of commuting with its online data program that compiles transit information for cars, subways, buses and even bikes in one place.

Thanks to its collaboration with universities, employers, and local governments around the world, TransitScreen is making it easier to get from point A to point B without ever being late.