Clients or Employees

This topic is always debated. On certain days I may even swing more to one side of this debate than the other, but overall I would say employees come first.

I will add one more item that may help this debate. Add the word, “Great. ”

Great Clients Come First

Here, I would define great clients as those clients that buy our products or use our services on a regular basis. These are the clients we need to keep the business growing In this group, you have different levels too, but overall these type of clients are the lifeblood of the company.

All customers should be welcome, and our first experience with customers should always treat them so that they will come back. To achieve this, it must be stressed that every person deserves a great customer service. From here, is where the work begins to ensure customer demands are met. Some customer requirements are quite intense while others are more routine. Some customers want active involvement, and others want to make sure they receive service and results that they are expected to receive.

To accomplish this, you need great employees.

Great Employees Come First

If I do not have a staff that can run the daily operations of the business well, then I will not have clients very long. A company is only as good as its last client experience, and the employees have to be the people in charge.

As far as great employees coming first, this is a concept I deal with every day. First off, if they are an employee of the company, they better have some greatness associated with them. If they do not why were they hired? A great company is only as great as the employees it has working for them.

Here are some thoughts I have on this topic.

A great employee is one who performs his task knowing their role is vital to the overall success of the company. I will work the rest of my life trying to tell people how important and vital their role is to our company. Many times employees feel their work does not make a difference. It is an area of concern for me, and often we do not catch it till its too late.

A great employee works well with others. Whether a person is shy or outgoing, they have to be able to work with others. Working in isolation is never a good thing. At some point, each employee should be interacting with others face to face or through some communication phone, email or text. I try to find those people who may spend time alone and try to encourage them to engage with others. Catching this early can make all the difference.

Those employees who want to learn new ideas and are proud of the clients they currently serve These people are all-stars. A company cannot have enough of these people. These type of people should be in all facets of our company whether they are on the production side, operation, administration, executive or marketing. These are the people who keep us informed and come to work every day with a sense of purpose.

Bottom-line: Great clients and great employees talk about their work and the people they work with. It is that simple and sometimes we make it much harder than it needs to be.