cogsCollaboration between employees is important. It can lead to better business decisions and processes, thereby driving revenue. However, the collaborative space needs to have tools that can enhance worker productivity, especially with the increasing mobile workforce. Therefore, businesses must select a solution that provides a robust set of features to make collaboration easy for everyone. Channel Pro contributor Guy Coen recently discussed how companies can leverage these tools to improve sales.

Having the correct collaboration tools in place improves business meetings by making them more interactive, as employees can share ideas and data from laptops, tablets and smartphones, which increases the productivity of the meetings and can help define sales goals for their workers.

However, there are considerations that companies need to make when selecting their collaboration solution. First and foremost, the tools must allow for collaboration to be fast and easily done from anywhere. Going hand-in-hand with this is allowing employees to share information quickly from the device they choose to use. Connectivity is also key to ensuring that every worker can communicate with whomever they need to.

A unified communications solution can do just that, as it integrates voice, video, email and messaging capabilities, making it simple for those who need to share ideas. Fonality offers a robust UC solution with plenty of features to help improve business communications and collaboration.

Using these tools gives companies an advantage
But what value does implementing a UC solution bring to a company? According to Telecom Reseller contributor Rob Bellmar, collaboration tools can break down barriers between departments and create a more unified workplace, which leads to improved efficiency in doing business.

Bellmar believes that companies that are quick to implement these solutions can gain a competitive advantage by getting the most out of the employee resources they have. For example, a business could take members from two different departments to make a specialized team to focus on a single problem that requires knowledge from both sides. It also allows them to collaborate with business partners easier as well. By gaining these advantages, companies can rocket themselves towards the top of the market.

“To be a leader today, success starts with making ‘I’m going to work’ a state of being rather than a physical destination. Empower staff by giving them the tools they need to break down whatever barriers stand in their way,” wrote Bellmar. “Then you will be prepared to take advantage of the collaboration economy.”