Are you surprised that coffee and productivity go hand in hand? You shouldn’t be!

Coffee is almost sacred within the confines of the office walls. It is a way to lift you out of your slump and a mechanism to chat to the coworker you’ve been eyeing out all summer. It can also be motivator during those moments that you just can’t deal with work any longer.

Quite frankly, coffee should be credited with the reason that we are even able to make it through those arduous all-nighters and financial reports.

So, your required coffee breaks are doing more for your productivity than you may currently believe. Coffee seems to be the all-natural energy booster and it has a lot of benefits for your health and body as well.

Coffee can improve your memory and help you you to be more alert, focused, and sociable.

The Science Behind The Brew

Science has uncovered a multitude of research that shows that coffee really helps you out in many more ways in the office than you might currently imagine.

It has been shown to enhance the responsiveness of people and their general mental acuity by inhibiting the neurotransmitter adenosine from performing its function within the brain. Adenosine, allows the brain to relax and increases the desire to sleep. When coffee disarms this chemical, we can be lifted out of our slump and shifted back into work mode.

This would be fantastic for those who often find themselves hitting a mid-afternoon slump or who are constantly on the go due to the demands of being an entrepreneur, blogger, or even just recuperating from a long weekend. Coffee has also been found to have the additional, temporary benefit of increasing the memory capacity of individuals.

How Coffee Can Affect Workplace Productivity

You are not alone if you find that you need coffee to be productive at work; 46% of the United States workforce does as well. That’s likely because caffeine can not only have a positive impact on your memory, but also help you to be more alert, focused, and sociable — all things you’ll probably need for a happy and productive work day.

Here are some other ways coffee can help you:

Increase your willpower

During the endless rush of meetings and our daily to-do’s, our ability to make decisions may wane considerably. So, many millionaires and other prominent entrepreneurs, socialites, and YouTube stars are choosing to craft a self-imposed uniform for themselves.

However, coffee has been found to aid in increasing your willpower and thereby making it easier for you to make decisions. So, you won’t need to become Mark Zuckerberg and only own gray t-shirts.

Just drink a cup of coffee to reinvigorate your ability to make decisions and your willingness to say no when something isn’t for you.

Improve learning

A key trait of successful entrepreneurs and those within the corporate world at large is consistent learning of new information.

Coffee can aid with the formation of lifelong learning as well. It has been reported that after drinking coffee, people are more likely to notice key words and sentences within pieces that would otherwise be harder to identify if caffeine had not been present in the learner’s bloodstream.

Did you know that coffee can help increase your willpower?

Decrease stress and improve health

For those still on the fence when it comes to one of the world’s most beloved beverages, coffee has been shown to have additional protective effects on the human body from lowering the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease to helping reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease.

In addition, there are many other reasons to indulge a bit. Some of the many benefits it has are the boost to metabolic function, a mechanism to potentially aid weight loss, a way to curb stress levels, and a reduced likelihood of depression and suicide risk.

Increased coffee intake has even been approved by the US Dietary Guidelines Committee. The Committee advocates for coffee consumption of between three and five cups per day or 400mg of caffeine on a daily basis.

Curious about the chemistry behind coffee once it’s inside your body? Check out The Science of Caffeine: The World’s Most Popular Drug.


Coffee is quintessentially a member of the workplace; no office is complete without its requisite kettle, urn, or espresso machine. From the Americano to the Cappuccino, coffee speaks to us all and can be counted as one of life’s many simple pleasures. But, this indulgence has countless benefits.

The main reason this cup of Joe has become so popular is its benefits to the productivity and the physical health of its adherents. Therefore, the only question left to ask is:

When are you going to be getting your next cup of java and unleash your ultimate productivity?

You never know, maybe the best way to skyrocket your team’s productivity is with a cup of coffee.

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