Teams can have trouble succeeding without a great coach. Hone your sales coaching techniques to help your outbound team grow opportunity generation for your organization. Follow these quick tips, and watch your outbound success soar:

  • Determine the areas in which outbound callers slack. Find out what your reps aren’t doing every day. If you have created a detailed outbound calling procedure, but all your reps may skip steps 5 and 6. Dig into their reluctance to complete those tasks, and devise a solution before their slacking starts affecting your company’s sales.
  • Implement a mentoring system. Ask your most experienced and productive callers to listen in on the other outbound callers. Have the experienced reps take notes of areas that need work, such as tone or length of pitch. Most sales managers don’t have time to sit on every call their reps make, and a mentoring program will give struggling reps additional leadership resources.
  • Compare reports from top reps with reports from less experienced reps. Note the differences. Perhaps the less successful reps only make 5 attempts to reach a prospect and top reps make 7. Perhaps lower performing reps consistently focus on the CMO while top performers focus on the COO. Determine where the process doesn’t run smoothly, and fix it at the root.
  • Create a solid cheat sheet for your outbound callers. This cheat sheet must include: answers for expected and unexpected questions, complete information about the product, tips for keeping callers on the phone and advice on how to read a script without making it sound like a sales pitch.
  • Keep track on the success of each individual caller. Don’t just look to data and numbers for each reps’ success. Find out exactly how each rep is doing. Some may make great inside sales reps, but just can’t win in an outbound role. Ensure that your team is organized in the best way possible.