Marketing AudienceAs a marketer you always want to know more about your clients and your competition. These lines may be getting blurred more and more as technology keeps changing and how companies are merging and buying out other companies. In addition, advocates and others may be a viable area to look at to help you gain more clients.

Lets look at technology. If you are a brick and mortar retailer, Amazon is definitely a company/technology that you are looking at very closely. Their technology is incredible and they are able to service a wide variety of clientele. How can you maintain your clients and look for ways to find differentials between yourself and Amazon.

Next, lets look at mergers. Many accounting firms are growing through acquisition and they are hiring technical people to handle client data. If you are a private accounting firm, how do you compete? Are you going to invest in your own IT structure.

Have you been working with your advocates lately? These people, companies and/or resources could become very valuable in the future. This could be the example of an organization that wants to work with you on a particular project that could eventually pay big dividends for each company. In addition, these people could be “high profile” people who know could convince others to learn more about your company.

I this day and age, you better be watching for these different type of clientele. A supply vendor could quickly become a competitor overnight. A strong advocate of your brand could go unnoticed. Companies need to know which companies are referring business to them. In addition, it is always helpful to follow chats and social media sites to see what people are telling each other.

It’s an exciting time and a great time to be active and aware of the changing world out there. With the internet, the world is getting smaller and companies may have opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.

Exciting times!

photo credit: Matthew Field via photopin cc