Together - Client FocusedPeople are always debating the following when it comes to marketing:

  • What is the best crm tool?
  • What is the best social media platform?
  • Digital marketing or traditional marketing?
  • What is Google doing today?
  • When is the next Apple iPhone Release?
  • How many times should I be on Twitter, GooglePlus and Linkedin today?

Are these questions important? For marketers, yes. However, way too much time is spent on the above. These items above can consume our time and in the end, we still need clients. That is what it is all about. Are we missing the boat here by not focusing on the right things?

Today, like never before the pace of business is moving at a more accelerated pace and too many of us are getting lazy about how we approach our days.

  • This is the quesiton you should be asking
  • Why isn’t the phone ringing more?
  • Who is our next client?
  • How are our clients finding us?
  • Which client do I need to touch base with?
  • How can I serve my clients better today?

Client Focused – Now

My thought here is that marketing, client service, production, training, communication. It is quickly becoming apparent to me that everything needs to work together and the whole process of getting ideas to implementation needs to be faster.

Clients are in control and it is up to everyone: marketers, support staff, information technology staff, production staff, client service staff, management to work together like never before to insure clients’ needs are being met.

In addition, the “Now” part is the key. Companies need to update procedures and implement new processes to insure customers have access to make decisions on their time during normal business hours and outside normal business hours. The Internet has changed the way business is conducted.

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