Three of the top business fuel headaches (and how to resolve them)

There’s no doubt that managing fuel costs is one of the biggest challenges faced by companies right now. Fortunately, there are options to help companies address these common fuel headaches:

1. Increasing fuel prices

Every business is aware of this issue. The growing cost of fuel is something that companies want to address. Yet often, reducing your fleet size isn’t a practical option. By using a fuel card from the right provider, companies can take control of their fuel spend by gaining access to cheaper prices on petrol and diesel than those displayed at the pumps.

2. Complex management

Whether your company has three vehicles or three thousand vehicles on the road, challenges frequently come up around managing fuel use and costs. Opting to use company fuel cards gives companies access to clear reporting on their fuel purchases, including details for each card: which can reduce paperwork and VAT reclaim admin.

3. Loss of control

Keeping track of fuel spend isn’t always easy with vehicles constantly on the road. Luckily, there are easier ways to keep track than collecting piles of employees’ receipts. One option is to use a fuel card provider which provides an online fuel management system to allow you to view and monitor all your fuel spend and invoices. Keyfuels fuel cards offer bespoke reports on your fleet and on each card; including free of charge MPG reporting and information on abnormal usage. Weekly, daily or monthly reports can be sent directly to the relevant people in your business.