Are You On The Brink Of Something Big?

Every day presents its opportunities. Are we ready to embrace the day and achieve excellence.

I truly believe this is a mindset! I am learning more and more that learning on all levels is the key to keeping ahead of the curve. The exact, same processes do not work the capacity that they once did 10 years ago. I am not foolish to think old processes die. Old processes just become that, old and they lose their usefulness.

Time to dream bigger…Technology is affecting our core processes as well as our supporting processes. Here are some areas to consider with respect to technology. It is imperative to look at technology along with improved communication and more innovative processes.

Client Service – Could we be serving clients’ needs better through the use of digital technology? Texting, email, voice, in person. How could that experience be better?

Sales Representatives – Are you giving your salesforce the tools they need to succeed? Are you still using old sales techniques?

Production Line – How can we better manage our time and improve production? Digital printing, communication, safety, efficient use of space.

Accounting – Are we looking at all the ways to track revenue, expenses, accounts, invoices? What areas need a technological update? Are their tax benefits we are not taking advantage of?

Employees – What type of experience are creating? How can we provide a learning atmosphere? Where can we improve productivity and efficiencies?

Customers – Our customer base is expanding along with their needs. Customers needs are also changing are we in touch with their decision processes. How can we tap into their goals and thoughts?

Are you ready to make some changes/suggestions for your company? Every person, every department needs to be looked at with respect to upgrading and improving current processes.

The old mindset was to always invest money into areas that would provide the biggest return. This often meant that overhead areas like client service and accounting were often overlooked as far as investment dollars. Today, all areas must be looked at closely. All areas have to work together and be efficient for the overall company to succeed.

Today, if you are in protection mode, ask youself why? Many people are trying to hang onto their jobs for fear of being cut loose. In today’s culture it is imperative that learning continues everyday. As marketing executives, we need to continue to build our knowledge of our own products/services but also keep informed of new technologies and advancements. In addition, time is becoming an increasing asset to think about. Change takes time, but if carefully planned and scripted the tools and resources are available to implement change much faster and quicker. Get out of protection mode and look for ways to grow and expand. If you face roadblocks, look for ways to sell your ideas. Even if your ideas are looked up and frowned, you will have gone through the process of learning new processes and taking a look at what the future may look like.

We are on the brink of something big…Change is occurring faster than ever. Are you taking a look at your company and do you have a vision of where you want to go? Are you keeping up with all the new developments in communication and technology. You know your company the best and it is up to you to continue to push forward and change. Start today!

Picture Source: Pixabay

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