Life Challenges

Success and innovation require a proactive approach with goals and action steps to clear your path toward accomplishment. On the road of life, you are bound to encounter obstacles and roadblocks, but these aren’t meant to stop you. They are presented as challenges to overcome.

Jumping the hurdles isn’t always easy and may seem like huge setbacks, but use each as an opportunity, as a learning tool for growth and changes for the next round. Don’t sit back and stagnate or simply wish things were different.

  • MAKE an effort to evolve
  • Brainstorm changes
  • Visualize your goals
  • Design a vision board

Mastering or overcoming these challenges is what creates a great sense of accomplishment and joy in your life. Sure, it may be easier just to give up or retreat at times, but what will you have to show for it? What opportunities or people will you have discounted?

You will have to begin once again. This time with a new plan. There is no need to continually start over. Refine your path. Your tools. Your knowledge, but don’t quit. Every time you walk away from a situation or a goal, you will be left with unfinished business and who knows how close you were to succeeding. Get to the finish line no matter how difficult you think it is.

Challenges can make life much more interesting and meaningful. Remember the road less traveled?

If you recoil at any small change or difficulty that does not fit into your scheme of things, take a step back and ask yourself why? What are you afraid of? What don’t you want to face? How will it affect you five years from now? Does it really matter?

If you are dealing with another individual or a group, seek to listen, understand and communicate WITH, not AT them. Don’t make assumptions based upon your perception of the situation as that can only exacerbate the issues.

Assess the concerns and disputes after everyone has had a fair and open opportunity to speak.

Keep an open mind.

Accept responsibility for your part in creating any problems or discrepancies.

Seek to make changes as well as plans to offset any future worries.

Life doesn’t have to be so difficult. It is what you make it. It is what you want it to be. It will be as you perceive it, but ensure accuracy.

Face your hurdles head on! Don’t retract – you are meant to achieve and master your life – your business.

“Don’t take the casual approach to life. Casualness leads to casualties.” — Jim Rohn

What a powerful quotation. Whether in your business or personal life, a blasé sense of indifference gets you nowhere. If you want something, you must go after it.

Benchwarmers do not get to score.

Now let’s get ready to cheer on the Red Sox in Game 1 of the World Series!! #fearthebeard