We are a busy and hurried society. We struggle to find enough time in the day to accomplish our professional and personal workloads. Tomorrow’s to-do list is already growing. Even with all of the technology and apps on our smartphones, watches, tablets and other personal devices created to simplify our lives – we just can’t catch up.

It’s a vicious cycle. Everyone is so focused on what they need to accomplish today that they cannot spare the brainpower to think about the future. It’s hard to be creative when it seems like your digging on the beach and the sand continues to fall back in the hole.

And, if it’s happening to you, just imagine what’s going on with the prospective client you and your colleagues are wooing. Everyone is so swamped that it’s become increasingly more difficult to lock in that face-to-face meeting. And, it’s not for lack of interest – the client just can’t seem to dig themselves out of their sand pile. But, don’t fear, there’s another way to get in front of them.

The Frame Shop team and I were faced with this very scenario, several times over, recently. Luckily, we are pretty adept at improvising. We used a large upcoming industry event in the Los Angeles area as the backdrop for our new strategy. It was critical to get these folks away from their offices, colleagues, and their laptops – to meet us in a neutral spot without interruptions. We asked five of those on our potential client list if they’d be at the event – as luck, or divine intervention would have it, they’d all be there.

Fantastic. First step nailed. Now for the “ask”. Because everyone had meetings already scheduled we simplified things – we asked for a “bump into you” or “drop by” in the aisle type chat. Everyone agreed and had a few minutes for a quick catch up.

This strategy worked perfectly as we’ve already detailed in the previous paragraphs above that no one has a spare 30 minutes anymore. We met with everyone and in several cases our 10-minute impromptu meetings lasted nearly double that time – not bad considering these busy executives didn’t have a spare moment back in their home surroundings. We are excited to report that these conversations have led to further talks with new projects on the horizon – success!

Additionally, this new tactic worked so amazingly well we even bumped into former colleagues that were eager to hear what we’ve been up to resulting in more meetings.

It’s important to remember when trying to lock in new clients the need to improvise and tweak old tactics to fit the new reality. Freshen things up and stay on your hustle for long-term success.