Idea GenerationLooking at new ideas everyday has helped me see the value with respect to improving processes and generating new projects for our company. Why should I collect ideas from others?

Every day, we receive ideas or suggestions from upper management, our co-workers other managers. If you are not receiving ideas, you may be doing something wrong with respect to your management style. I’m serious when I say this. There was a time that I thought ideas only came from certain people. That is simply not a good approach in looking at ideas.

Client ideas are the best type of ideas to capture. Make sure you are listening to their underlying needs and see if you can make a difference in the way they conduct their business.

Collecting ideas from others, indicates a culture where people’s needs are taken into consideration. If you are a leader at your company, you are already doing this in some way to earn people’s respect.

How Should I Collect Ideas?

There are many ways to capture ideas: suggestion boxes, feedback surveys, meetings. The key here is that you, as the leader need to start. The great part is you can lead no matter where you are in the company. Some of the best idea generators come from average people at your company. The trick here is to listen and capture.

Suggestions For Capturing New Ideas

Keep a log book – Put in the date and the particular idea.

Try to package ideas together in a project – Continue to look for new project work at your company and incorporate as many ideas as you can.

Put ideas out there – Ask people for input on various ideas. Write the ideas on a whiteboard and let people read the ideas and think about them.

Continue to think revolutionary thoughts – Take someone else’s ideas and not only use them but build on them.


The key here is to capture and have a list somewhere to refer back to. Many times ideas are generated and discussed, but never acted on. If you want to build a culture around ideas, you need to see the process through from start to finish.