This can be quite the controversial question but have you ever considered the positive effects of natural disasters on your software leads? You might think that such questions are not the best to ask just after people have went through such an ordeal.

On the other hand, they also say prevention is better than cure. If you have something that can actually prove convenient during times when regular work operations are compromised, the need for that prevention could be greater.

Your Software Leads Could Rise As A Result

Software Leads, HR Software Leads, Sales LeadsOne good example is HR software. Recently, many developments in the HR industry are all about easing the mobility of the work force and at the same time, offering secure distribution of corporate information. Coincidentally, such technologies can be critical during times of calamity when workers are stuck at home and require access from their own computers. If your technology can withstand the test of nature, you could hypothetically attract the interest of decision makers which could lead to increased lead generation.

That still does not eliminated the obstacles implied earlier though. Mainly, how do you respond to this demand without coming of as exploitative?

Answer: You just respond. Period.

No matter what your critics say, they cannot deny one thing: You have something that works in a storm. You deserve the credit for developing it but more importantly, people have the need for it. How can you help yourself when your software leads are a natural consequence of that? Besides, you will not be the first business to find increased productivity as the result of storms (such as the recent Hurricane Sandy). Below is a quote from Netflix (as reported via Gigaom):

‘We currently see about 20% more streaming compared to last Monday. A lot of it is coming from the East Coast with New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore showing a lot of activity on Netflix. Initially we saw a lot of kids titles being watched, a sign that the kids are staying home from school. We’re glad we can provide people some great entertainment while they’re hunkered down for the storm and hope everyone stays safe.’”

Still, it is a good idea to do everything in your power to make sure customer’s have the best impression of your intentions. The risk is that if you have not been investing much in the marketing department, you definitely need expert advice on how to send that message.

  • Be generous with your price – The best thing you can do is in matters of price. The costs that you market speaks louder than any pitch after times when many businesses suffer losses. Try outsourcing the process of generating your HR sales leads if you want to drive down only to basing the price on what is essential for production.
  • Time properly – If you can, try marketing this prior to a disaster and not always after it. You will qualify more software leads from people who are willing to pay in order to stave off the costs of low productivity.

Since productivity and work force management are key to HR, there is no question that businesses will like software that enables such functions even when their people can’t physically punch in. In conclusion, you stand a chance of getting more B2B sales leads. Just make sure you do not appear to be taking advantage.