Forgive me for thinking out loud. Insight–selling with Insight is what everyone is talking about these days. It’s an interesting bandwagon, there’s money to be made, so everyone’s trying their own approach.

In my mind, I fast forward a number of years. What happens when every sales person brings Insight to the customer? What happens when every sales person is coming to the customer with ideas for growing and improving their businesses? Is it possible that Insight might become commoditized?

As I thought about it, I realized the real winner in this imaginary world is the customer. Imagine sales people engaging customers with great ideas and ways to improve their business. Customers will be having value based conversations with sales people. Sales people will be helping customers innovate around business growth. Decisions will be made based on which ideas are the best fit for the customer growth strategies. We move away from conversations about our products and solutions to how we help customers grow.

Imagine a world where customers have a choice on ideas to grow and improve their business. Where they evaluate ideas and the possibility to improve their ability to serve their customers, or where they improve their operations.

Imagine customers being able to harness the best ideas from their customers, suppliers, business partners–all focused on improving what they provide to their customers. It ripples through the entire supply chain–ultimately reaching consumers. At each level, we harness Insight to innovate and improve. Imagine the economic growth this can drive.

But then I wake up, it’s just a dream—but there are some bright sides. Customers are hungry for Insight, it makes them better. Those that continually provide Insight will be winners–with their customers. Those organizations that commit to providing Insight to their customers, will recognize the importance of this in their supply chains, partnering with suppliers committed to provide them Insight. We do have the potential to improve.