As we continue to navigate through a new year, I am always being reminded that I really need to be careful of what I say and how I say it.


In answer to the above question, I would say “No”. I feel very uncomfortable expressing my opinion in a large group. I have to know my audience and weigh the risks.

Today, if people disagree with my opinions, they may turn to protesting, lashing out loud or creating some type of scene. The advent of social media showed us that anyone can say anything about anyone or anything. The information communicated can be real or fake. It really doesn’t matter. (Twitter Rants, Facebook Rants)

Today, if a leader of a major company supports a particular person or is passionate about a particular topic, he or she will more than likely be scrutinized for their opinion. (Nordstroms, Under Armour)

My question – Is it worth expressing our opinion on topics?

If I watch a news program, I am watching it with a selective filter. I am trying to figure out if the news presented is real or opinion driven.


  • Keep my mouth shut
  • Watch less news
  • Express general opinions that are less controversial

Sorry, this is not me!
I want a better experience!
This is the easy way out.

As a leader, I need to do more in this area.


I want to make a difference – I am going to stick to the topic at hand and discover new ways to look at issues. This is going to require bigger picture thinking and spending some time in preparing responses that reflect my views and create a winning situation for all people involved. (I am not going to make it political) It is about making a difference, not some other agenda.

I am going to pray more – Yes, I have learned in times of turbulence, it is critical to making sure I am strongly grounded in my faith and conviction. This means reading more in the scriptures and sharing my faith more with others.

Listening more – Too many people are arguing for the sake of arguing and do not have a clear perspective. With all of the faith news, protests and strong opinions on topics, we are creating a society where it is critical for people to listen to the real hurts and needs of our people. People are hurting, and as a result, they are making foolish and hurtful comments.

Refuse to be reactive – I took this approach as I approached the last national election. There were way too many stories where people were being swayed by the latest news story. I know there will always be differences with the way I think and act on topics, but I am going to make sure my actions are respectful of someone who has thought more about a subject rather than just reacting to my own feelings.

Continue to get healthier – Being in top health is more of a priority than ever. To be at the top of my game, I need proper sleep, exercise, and most important a healthy food diet. Right now, too many people are living unhealthy lives, and they are seldom at the top of their game. This is an ongoing concern for me as a business owner.

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