Crowdsourcing has become one of the most effective ways of strengthening the connection between customers and businesses/brands. Your customers & prospects have tons of valuable ideas that can help your brand for the future, and social media is the perfect platform to tap your customers & prospects for insights on everything – from products concepts, campaigns, advertising and so on.

crowdsourcing on social media

As a brand you won’t deny with the fact that your customers are actually the one who know your product the most. Crowdsourcing allows to get some real insights from the end users. It is not only a popular marketing method, it also saves you from a large hole in your pocket! Let’s see how some of the brands are leveraging crowdsourcing to their advantage. You might also want to see how brands are rocking Twitter, with these contests.

1. Lego Ideas

Lego has created a website, “Lego ideas” which is mainly for their fans who want to contribute product ideas. This is how it works – users need to submit their idea, and they have a limit of 365 days wherein they need to collect 10,000 votes from people. Once your product has garnered the essential amount of votes, it goes to the next step where the official Lego review board decides, if they want to replicate the product idea or not. Their users even share the idea’s they have created on social media , so to increase more awareness and so they can pledge for more votes.


The Lego for Sherlock was created by a certain fan it got the 10,000 votes but was not approved by the board. Similarly they have a lot of ideas in pipeline from where they decide. This website is a brilliant way for Lego to find many such innovative ideas from its own customers, and great way to get a firsthand look at their customer’s preferences.

2. Lays Do Us A Flavour

Lay’s is at it again with their Do Us a Flavor contest, where their customers are given the chance to create a potato chip flavour and submit to their site. Lots of people have taken this contest seriously, and some just for fun the winner gets to snag $1 Million prize! Isn’t this is great way to receive a lot of additional product ideas for their future expansions. Lays took this to next level and selected 4 finalists, and now it’s voting time starting from 28th July.

3. #mycalvins

Calvin Kleins contest

Calvin Kleins, #mycalvin campaign has sparked a lot of participation from their fans. It infact has encouraged bloggers, models, musicians and others to snap selfies of themselves wearing the iconic waist-banded underwear and share them on social media. It is a brilliant move by brand, as all the users need is a pair of Calvins and their smartphones, just click and upload. This drives purchase intent for new customers as they would also want to be featured in the gallery as the perk!

4. Starbucks Invites You To Decorate Their Cups

Starbucks has launched a White Cup Contest. Wherein the contest encourages customers from the U.S and Canada to decorate a Starbucks cup with customized art, take a picture of it and submit their entry on social media using the #WhiteCupContest. The design that wins will be printed on a limited edition Starbucks reusable plastic cup. This a great way to make your consumers feel connected, and great move to increase engagement. All in all it strengthens the Starbucks brand in the mind of their audiences!

starbucks contest

5. Doritos

Doritos is up with #BoldMissions, where they say “We believe in boldness. And we think the world needs more of it. Much more. So we’re giving you a chance to prove if you have what it takes to live boldly. Step up to a challenge; prove your boldness; and you could be rewarded.” They create various missions where users can show their boldness and can get rewarded. I see people making videos and uploading them to show how cool and bold they are in various ways, which in-turn fits closely with Doritos’ positioning. Great way to increase engagement, and purchase intent.

Crowdsourcing acts as a great research tool for businesses, in the near future it will become a more acceptable and widespread method where you get to know different and uniquely people are using your products and you might also get to know whether your marketing efforts for so many years have positioned you well or not.

Above examples demonstrate the potential of how crowdsourcing on social media can be used to accelerate and grow your business by tapping into your network, and they can even be your potential brand advocates. To help you get inspired take a look at the ways you can make use of various promotional & giveaway tools to run such campaigns smoothly.

Are you leveraging the power of crowdsourcing for your business? Any of your favourite brands crowdsourcing on social media? Do share your insights with us in the comments section below.

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