Image by: Maxwell Hamilton

Not so long ago I wrote a blog about EPOS system, what they are, and how modern businesses incorporate them in to their every day working practises. Having analysed the basics of the EPOS systems and the ways they can be successfully integrated in to the everyday working fabric of retailers and businesses across the world, I thought it would be interesting – and possibly illuminating – to take the subject one step further.

We know that the majority of retailers have embraced the EPOS systems and the advantages it can bring from a three-pronged commercial, employee and customer service dynamic. But what about the ways in which companies can expand and scale these systems in combination with multi-channel eCommerice services? Indeed, how can be it tailored as a multi-purpose technological tool to benefit the specific requirements of so many diverse businesses?

After all, its not simply enough that you HAVE an EPOS system – it’s how you use it to reap the maximum benefits and rewards from its eCommerce potential. You work with the technology, but also let the technology work for you.

So, as a companion piece to my original post, here’s a further exploration of the possibilities of EPOS and multi-channel retailing and how it’s a malleable enough tool to expand and conform with the very specific and yet diverse demands of the modern retailer.

All Day, Every Day

We’re in an age that never lets up, a 24/7 society, and that means multichannel solutions have to provide the solid backbone through which to cope with such unrelenting consumer demands. EPOS systems continue to work even when your internet connection doesn’t, and they’re equipped with online and offline modes of operation which protect you from losing data, keeps all stock integrated, and provides a safe backup for all your data.

Bricks (And Clicks) And Mortar

Multichannel retail also provides the retailer with the added comfort of knowing that they can be in touch with their store – or in this case, multiple stores – over a variety of locations. EPOS systems gives retailers the comfort and convenience of knowing they have real-time information at their fingertips, with all the up-to-the-minute daily activity across multiple sites, multiple stores, and multiple EPOS devices.

EPOS systems also permit a literal two-way communication between the retailer and the customer and vice versa. The shopping experience need never be disrupted as eCommerce software can be taken out of the bricks and mortar shop environment and to the clicks and mortar alternative directly to the customer, on and offline.

Finger On The Pulse

EPOS systems are equipped with a back office facility, which gives you an instant overview of the sales and products across all of your locations. And when a sale is processed, the back office provision is updated immediately, which gives you a precise, real-time view of sale whenever and wherever you want.

Perfect Inventory

And it’s worth repeating that EPOS is the perfect tool to mould to the needs of any and every business because it’s ostensibly an inventory tool; so no matter how large or small your business, it gives a comprehensive overview of every aspect of your business: store sales, website info, transactions, pricing, account and marketing details.

The various revenue-generating streams of eCommerce software are also aptly demonstrated in the often unpredictable and fluctuating differences between High Street and online sales. For example, if there’s less footfall in the high then you can make up for any potential lost sales through online trade.

Are you a retailer that has found EPOS systems and eCommerce services can be successfully incorporated in to your daily working model and adapted to the needs of your business? Share your thoughts and comments below.