The holiday season is starting shortly. As a business owner, this either means more footfalls or a complete shutdown depending on what industry you are in. If you are in the B2B segment, this is a good opportunity to reach out to new customers and get back in touch with old customers. Many business owners may also find this to be a good time to improve employee satisfaction through gifts and bonuses. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while planning for the holiday season.

Start Planning Well In Advance

Shopping gets expensive during the holiday season and it is a good idea to complete your shopping well before the holiday rush. Unless you want to buy your employees the latest piece of technology on the market, start shopping for your employee or customer gifts well before the season starts. In fact, the best time to start shopping for the holidays next year is soon after the season ends this year. This is when the prices of gift labels and cards are the lowest.

Personalize Your Gifts to Customers

There are dozens of online tools in the market today that automate the process of greeting your customers for the holiday season. Your customer is thus exposed to a heap of seasons’ greetings during this period. If your business has to be seen through this clutter, it is important to personalize your gift and message to tie in with the customers’ individual transaction history. For instance, a customer who purchased an iPhone from your store could be sent an iPhone cover as a holiday gift while a customer who bought movie DVDs could be sent complimentary movie tickets. The idea is to remind the customer who you are and the thought behind sending them the particular gift.

Hire Your Temp Workers Immediately

If you are in retail, the holiday season is likely to be the busiest time of the year for your business. You are going to need a lot of temporary workers to deal with the surging footfalls during this period. It may be tempting to hire these workers just for the holiday season in order to cut costs. This can backfire since you may end up leaving your store in the hands of untrained workers during the most important month of the year. If you have not hired your temp workers yet, do it immediately so that these workers are sufficiently trained before the holiday surge begins.

Shutting Down? Inform Your Customers In Advance

Studies have shown that a major chunk of customer loyalty is borne out of habit. If you are a business that is shutting down for the holiday season, you are at risk of disrupting this habitual purchase from your loyal customers. A good way to fix this is by informing your customers in advance about your holiday shutdown period. This allows them to stock up on their essentials lest they have to buy from a different business during the time you are not working. In addition to this, it is also a good idea to offer discounts after you reopen in order to bring these customers back to your store.