Is there a secret formula to success?

As a business owner trying to find the secret formula to success can often feel overwhelming. In fact you may be spending so much time looking for that formula that you forget about taking a look at your current actions. Often lying inside of these actions are clues and tips that can severely hinder finding the success you seek.

7 Mistakes That Prevent Your From Finding Success

1. Jumping at every shiny object. Who can admit that they are enticed by shiny objects? You know the next best training, book, or thought leader that dangles their program or information in front of you, waiting for you to jump on board. Don’t get me wrong, you can find wonderful value in these programs, but if that is all you are doing, you aren’t taking action. Or worse, you are jumping from one perspective to the next and becoming very confused. Find one or two leaders that you want to follow and implement what they teach. Purge your mailing lists so you won’t be tempted to bite off the next object that comes your way.

2. Forgetting about your customers. As a business owner, too often we are so focused on what we want to provide and offer that we forget about what our customers actually want. Keep in mind that your business is not about you–it is about your customers and serving those customers. Listen to their needs and issues and become the solution that they crave. Yes, you might think that you have what’s best for them, but if they aren’t looking for it, you will never succeed.

3. Talking too much. Stop talking for awhile and listen. There is no denying that you are excited about your business and making the next sale. You are passionate about what you offer and want to spread the word, right? However, if that is all you are doing is talking, you are missing a key element of communication–listening. Be sure to pay attention to what is happening around you. Whether it’s in person or on social media, just shut up for a while and listen.

4. Selling, selling, selling. Do people run from you when they see you? Okay that may be an exaggeration, but you get the point. Too much selling is a huge turn off. Before you attempt to sell anything, you need to earn the right to sell it. Build a connection and relationship first, then sell. Add value to the person you are talking to, then offer them a solution. Speak their language by listening to their needs.

5. Staying comfortable. If you are finding yourself in a comfortable spot in your business, it is probably time for a little push. Staying stuck in your comfort zone means you are not growing. To be moving forward to new levels, you need to feel uncomfortable. Yes, it is uncomfortable, but it is a sign of growth. Push through it and make it happen.

6. Lacking vision and focus. Building a business without a clear vision and focus leaves you spinning in circles. If you don’t have a plan for the future, how do you know what opportunities to take? Before you can experience growth, you need to know where you want to grow. Take time to build your 6 month, 1 year, and 5 year plan–it is worth it.

7. Completing all tasks yourself. One of the biggest mistakes that small business owners make is trying to do everything on their own. Yes, you may feel as if you are saving money, but if money were time, how would that change your thinking? How much time are you spending on tasks that could easily be done by outsourcing? Focus on your strengths and allow others to do the rest.

No one ever said that building a successful business was easy, and if they did they were lying. It takes hard work and dedication. However, if you find yourself growing at a pace that makes you cringe, take a look at what you are currently doing. Fix the mistake and watch what happens.