Bring the American Experience to Life – travel through America’s past.  See where ideas were spawned that changed the world.

These are words used to describe a famous attraction at a museum in North America. The marketing team at this museum is capitalizing on its own spirit of innovation to uncover actionable insights in visitor data and to demonstrate best practices when it comes to customer engagement.

Through careful analysis, working with this museum’s marketing team, we discovered that there was not one type of visitor, but many. The uniqueness of preferences and demographics of these customer segments suggested that greater engagement could be achieved by tailoring messages and offers specifically to their unique interests.

In order to make this vision a reality, it was critical to collect data from several touch points: website, phone, emails, gate sales, retail locations within the park, and catalog sales, to get a complete picture of customer behavior. All of this could be collected into a marketing data warehouse and used to create more intelligent messaging for members and prospects.

Dave Frankland, VP and Research Director for Forrester, outlines this process in simple steps:

  1. Capture consumer data
  2. Integrate and manage the right data.
  3. Turn data into intelligence.
  4. Use intelligence to adapt and evolve.*

By implementing new technology, utilizing analytics and revolutionizing their old marketing strategy, our museum client is now placing its members and visitors at the center of the relationship, empowering buyers with responsiveness and relevance.

In addition, there was a benefit to the member and the museum for new members to receive special incentives and offers to visit more often during the first 6 months of their memberships. This increased customer satisfaction at a critical time – immediately after joining, which significantly influenced the decision of whether to renew.

Utilizing business intelligence will enable the innovative leadership of this museum to carry its promotion of the past… successfully into the future.


*How Your Marketing Organization Must Adapt to Today’s Rapid Change.  Live presentation featuring Guest Speaker, Dave Frankland, VP and Research Director, Forrester Research.

Author: Barb Coté serves as the Creative Director at SIGMA Marketing Group. Connect with Barb on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.