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Big Data Owes Big Debt To Open Source

By Irfan Khan

Irfan Khan reflects on the importance of open source technology, because, according to him, without it we’d be hobbled applying analytics solutions to big data problems.


Turning Cloudy Chaos into an IT Strategy – Part I

By Greg Chase, @GregChase

Need to present a cloud strategy to your board? Greg Chase lays out the need to know information when building one.


You Can Write, But You Can’t Hide. Big Data Knows Your Writing Quirks

By Irfan Khan

Try not to leave your “write-print” on that incriminating email. If data sicentists already of some of your known writings, they can detect up to a 95% accuracy rate your authorship of another document.


Can Cloud Computing Save Money?

By Jen Cohen, @jenz036

A cloud computing strategy can absolutely save any company money, regardless of company size. Jen Cohen cites three very real ways how.


Three Of Four CMOs Say Social Media Impacts Sales [Infographic]
By Steve Olenski, @steveolenski

Steve Olenski reviews the most recent survey by Barzaar voice of 100 members in the CMO Club s. He shares how CMOs, unlike their fellow C-suite residents (CEOs), realize that social media is here to stay because of its huge impact on the bottomline of the company.


Improving Business Operation Performance With Innovation

By Henry Morris

The business operations role is essential to flattening organizations that rely on broadly based decision making. Read how analytics can help your organization’s business operations perform better.


Leadership: Title Not Required

By Daniel Newman, @danielnewmanUV

Daniel Newman reminds us all that “leadership is not a position, it’s an activity.” Leading can be done at any level any day of the week. Check out some of the examples on how anyone can lead without title.


3 Lessons Learned From The Recent iCloud Attacks

By David Linthicum, @DavidLinthicum

Although it shocked many of us, and forced a few passwords to go up, Mat Honan’s hacking incident shocked most. But with each failure – is a lesson learned, or three according to David Linthicum.


Light the Enterprise Mobile Blue Touch Paper [Video]

By Ian Thain, @ithain

Do you have a strategy to build mobile apps that will give your information employees access to work anytime anywhere? Check out the two videos from the SAP Innovation Show on consumerization and the prosumer.


Say Thank You, Say It Often

By Daniel Newman, @danielnewmanUV

There’s a reason it’s classified as a “golden rule”, saying thank you and saying it often reminds people the impact they have on an organzation. In this post, Daniel Newman makes us pause and reflect on how two words can really mean a lot.