Successful businessmen and women have a huge amount of influence and make a great deal of money, and this is usually the result of a life spent working extremely hard and keeping several steps ahead of the rest. With so much competition however, it can be difficult to keep up with the pack, let alone get out in front. We examine some of the key attributes you’ll need to hone in order to be a success in business.


Confidence is everything. If you don’t seem convinced by your own products or services, why should you expect anyone else to be? Don’t come across as a try-hard though; you should be naturally invested in what you do, not just putting on an act.


A defeatist attitude is a death-sentence in this industry. You should accept setbacks as par for the course; start feeling sorry for yourself after the first little hiccough and you won’t last very long.


It should be obvious, but if you aren’t prepared to put the graft in, you may as well pack your bags. There are a hundred others just waiting to take your place at the table, so you need to prove that you’re indispensible and irreplaceable by never letting off the pace.


Your job is to sell things, be they products or services, to other people, so being a ruthless business android isn’t going to do you any favours. Make lots of friends, because friends lead to connections and connections lead to sales.

Risk assessment

If you’re too frugal, opportunities aren’t just going to fall into your lap. Too lavish and you’ll run out of money in no time. You need to be able to identify opportunities instinctively and know the best time to stick, and when to twist.


You need to get your face out there. Advertising is a great place to start, but don’t forget social media and the emerging forms of self promotion that are taking the world by storm. Ignore these opportunities and be prepared to be left behind.