We dodged a bullet this week, didn’t we? Seems like the Gulf Coast of Florida has been really lucky when it comes to hurricanes. With any additional luck, Hurricane Matthew will head up the coast and not loop back around into the gulf. How worried were you about your business and losing out on revenue from closures? How worried were you about your office flooding and insurance covering everything inside it? While there’s an outside chance that these things would happen, we cannot stress enough how important it is to be prepared for it. If you’re like some small businesses and thinking that “next time” you’ll get your act together for the storm – here are 3 compelling reasons to really do it this time when it comes to business disaster planning:

  1. Your employees won’t know what to do.
    Storms are chaotic and crazy and everyone is locked in their bathroom with limited phone battery, so trying to make a plan for what you’ll do once the storm subsides DURING the storm is a terrible idea. If you end up having to close, you want your employees to know exactly what to do and how everything is going to be handled. Your office operates efficiently because everyone knows what to do – imagine if all that structure went out the door, how much time you’d have to spend coaching and answering questions and directing? Instead, get your plan in place now and your employees will know exactly what to do when a storm hits.
  2. It will take *much* longer to resume daily operations.
    Let’s say that worst case scenario happens. The office is flooded, the technology is complete useless and you’re completely without power. Obviously you’re going to be out of commission for awhile while the waters subside and the power gets turned back on. However, if you have a comprehensive strategy for how to get back up and running, a great offsite backup (or business continuity strategy) and really great insurance documentation – it will take significantly less time.
  3. You could lose everything.
    Does that seem dramatic? If it does, it’s only because its true. Small businesses can’t afford to be down for that long. A severe hurricane and downtime is bad enough. Not having a strategy together could mean the difference between your business making it through the storm and failing completely. For small businesses with fewer than 100 employees, a single day of downtime can cost an average of $12,500. Getting your disaster plan in place and having reliable backup or business continuity is critical. Don’t believe me? How’s this for a compelling statistic: 7 out of 10 small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.

Do you know if your data is safe? Do your employees know what to do when there’s a full on Category 5 Hurricane headed straight at our area? Do you know what will happen after the fact? Is your technology inventoried? Do you trust your backup strategy? Your entire livelihood is on the line, so stop messing around and get your act together when it comes to business disaster planning. 10% of major disasters that cause downtime for businesses come from storms and earthquakes. Don’t become a statistic, or a topic for one of our blogs. Get with us, let us formulate a strategy together and really get you settled in comfortably knowing that if another major record-breaking storm comes, your technology is handled.