Money is flowing every day. Deals are made. People pull out their credit cards continuously to buy what they want.

We don’t have to create demand as much as we need to sell things that people want to buy and make it easy for them to do so.

If you are so impatient and frenzied to get the next sale and have to continually hustle without creating a selling machine, where will you ultimately be in six months? Still hustling and struggling to get the next deal?

If you are so busy that you make it hard on yourself, it’s because you undervalued or ignored the need to build a solid money-making foundation to your business process.

Maybe you have a few sales already. Great! You could step back and learn a few things to build a foundation that could drive continuous sales. Here are some key strategies to build such a foundation:

  • Profile your best customers. People that already pulled out their wallets bought from you for a reason. Did they have urgency? Were they in a certain demographic? Were they motivated by guilt? Seek to find the pattern.
  • Identify the place your best customers hang out. Perhaps your best customers are executives. Do they tend to congregate in a LinkedIn Group? Are your customers opinionated consumers that pin frequently on Pinterest? Work backwards and fish in the pond where the fish tend to be.
  • Design your message to attract your best customers. There is a problem of attention and focus today with the onslaught of instant information at our fingertips. What gets people to look your way? How can they tune into your signal? Be sure the message pushes on their problem that they may not be considering. Study how the copy in your articles or messaging in your headlines speaks to your ideal customer’s pain.

These are a few thoughts to start your process of building a foundation for selling. There are many other details, but if you are always hustling then scaling your efforts becomes an ongoing problem. How about simply starting with these strategies and seeing if you can build a foundation that attracts and makes selling easier?