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No matter how many pitches or presentations you’ve delivered, it’s still possible to feel a little jittery before you take the stage. Nobody likes that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling, but there are practical steps you can take to minimize them, and to really feel fully confident before you step up to the plate.

Tips for a More Confident Presentation

Get some quick exercise. No, you don’t want to get all hot and sweaty before your speech—but stimulating blood flow can help loosen you up and release some endorphins. Take a quick walk or do some light stretching to prime your body for the presentation.

Do some deep breathing. This isn’t just some feel-good cliché. When you take deep belly breaths, it helps release muscle tension—and in turn, it helps alleviate some of your feelings of anxiety.

Give yourself affirmation. Again, this isn’t just feel-good stuff; science shows that positive self-talk can help you feel more confident before a presentation or pitch. In a private moment, tell yourself out loud that you are a dynamic speaker and that you’re going to give a successful, energized presentation.

Take care of the logistical stuff. What do I mean by the logistical stuff? Well, for starters, make sure you use the restroom before your talk! And, familiarize yourself with the room and the AV setup before your talk begins. Don’t leave any uncertainties hanging over you.

Rehearse your first minute. You probably don’t have time to run through the entire speech in your head just before you go on, but you can go over the first minute or so—helping you to start your presentation more confidently.

Get to know the people in the room. This isn’t always possible, especially not in bigger audiences, but if you can get to know some of the people in the room before you start your talk, that helps you come across as more approachable.

Smile. Smiling releases tension and helps you to relax—so smile, even if you’re still a little nervous!

These steps can help you feel a little more at peace before you give a presentation or pitch—and hopefully, that little extra dose of confidence is all you need to smash your presentation!

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