It was only when I started sharing little aspects and tidbits from my life that I started seeing better sales and more engaged customers. But it’s not much of mystery why I was seeing these results: people buy from people they trust and like.

Trust and connections are the easiest paths to turning our leads into customers. It’s this reason that makes storytelling in sales so beneficial. Check out these other six benefits:

6 More Benefits of Effective Storytelling in Sales:

  1. Capture the attention of the audience (or customer)
  2. People retain more through stories
  3. Motivate individuals and groups to take action
  4. Use your stories to appeal to logic, and emotions
  5. Make data and facts interesting and relevant
  6. Transform beliefs and change minds

You have tons of stories to share, but which ones can you use to convey a point that will drive your audience to convert? Using the right story at the right moment will help bring out the action or feeling you want from a customer.

Examples of What Works Best When Using Storytelling in Sales:

Storytelling in sales doesn’t mean sharing any old story from your day with an expectation that it will bring in better sales. Instead, look at sharing stories that will build a connection between your company and people.

Your stories should help them to actually see themselves with your product, software, or service. Make what you share matter: when stories are used to convey information, retention jumps to 65% to 70%.

Inspirational Stories

When introducing people to my other company, Drop Ship Lifestyle, I always love to share one of my favorite stories. It’s the story of my first business selling cookies on Long Island. I literally sold cookies from a bakery in New York City along a bakery route which I had bought the rights for.

storytelling in sales

I would drive to Brooklyn every morning where I load this truck up full of cookies and sit every morning on the Brooklyn Expressway.

That was my life before eCommerce and it was miserable. I enjoy sharing this story because it shows my transition into selling products online. It shows how much more successful that was then sitting in traffic every morning and arguing with grocery managers.

Basically, the more you share the more people you’ll connect with and it could lead to growing your business in a way you never thought possible.

‘Who am I?’ Stories

This is the story you will most commonly see on landing pages. It’s a simple method that walks your audience, step-by-step, through all the worst parts of what-used-to-be your and is currently their problem. Then your story leads them into how you solved your problem (and how you can solve it for them!).

Client or Company Success Stories

Use success stories to help your clients or customers visualize your product in their operations. Telling a success story that came from the use of your products or services is a powerful way to present its benefits.

You can use a story to like this to address any common initial doubts and how their doubts dissolved when your product was onboarded. This is the time to share details like what improved in your clients’ lives, how much time or money they saved, and why they’re thankful for your company.

To share a story like this with your potential customers is a great way to assure them that they will be successful too with your company.

The takeaway here is not to be afraid to share with your audience and customers. Even if you’re already making money, this is going to help you make even more money.

More importantly, in terms of the long-term for your business, it’s going to build a deeper connection between you and your customers. Which is why utilizing storytelling in sales is 100% worth it!