Previously I explained the benefits to a Tech Marketing Playbook and the signs you need a TMP for your tech products or services. Today I’m going to review what a TMP is and then give you an outline to create one yourself.

Recap: What is a Tech Marketing Playbook?

A Tech Marketing Playbook (TMP) is an integrated, comprehensive document that contains all the relevant marketing messages for your tech products and services. Once you’ve developed it, your TMP serves as the foundation for all of the lead generation, sales, and general content marketing pieces you’ll create for your tech products.

When you write content marketing pieces based on your TMP, all of your content will have a consistent voice, style, and message; whether you produce them in-house or hire an outside writer to do it. Everyone’s working from the same playbook, so your marketing will be consistent and persuasive, every time.

Remember: consistency and repetition build your reputation and trust.

Create a Flexible and Dynamic Tech Marketing Playbook

Because a TMP is created specifically for your tech business, no two will look exactly the same. That gives you a lot of flexibilityTech Marketing Playbook - Order today in how you set them up. A TMP is simply a centralized document you use to create your marketing messaging, and will reflect the uniqueness of your tech business.

As a general guideline, a TMP is 7+ page document divided into the following sections:

  • Product tag lines that combine emotional benefits and tech features
  • Description of how your product works
  • Description of your specific target market persona/audience
  • Brief competitive market analysis and report
  • Key benefit statement, including statements designed to overcome anticipated objections
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) statement: Many tech companies struggle to translate their tech features into the emotional benefits that will drive sales and conversions.
  • A starting list of market research facts and figures of interest to target prospects and convince customers

Remember, your TMP is specific to you and YOUR tech business, so you can decide what information you want in it. Organize it however you like so that it meets your needs. Add or subtract sections, mix and match them in a different order – it’s up to you!

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