We live in an exciting new world and the typical workplace is changing for the better. It started with telecommuting and more flexibility for professionals. Today, busy parents are benefiting from new opportunities and bringing the kids to the office is one of them.

Starting a kid-friendly business or being a part of one isn’t out of the norm already. In fact, research suggests that having your little one at your workplace is personally beneficial and it also leads to positive effects for the company itself.

Do the Best Parents Bring Their Kids to the Office?

Both kids and parents will benefit from spending more time together, even in workplace settings.

For a start, this is an excellent bonding experience. Sharing something that you’re passionate about with your child will help little ones see you in a brand new light. Kids have a natural curiosity towards everything that their parents are passionate about. Even if you worry that your child will be bored at the office, chances are that they’ll view the day as an amazing opportunity to bond with you.

In addition, a child could learn a lot about being a professional in a certain industry. The experience can be so profound that it may help for the selection of a career path down the line.

Not only that but having your kids around you is going to serve as an excellent motivator. As a parent, you’ll want to set an example when it comes to hard work, achieving your goals and being responsible. In a sense, your little one will remind you of the pillars of professionalism and your workplace vigor will be renewed.

Bring Your Child to the Office: Businesses are Embracing the Idea, as Well

The need for parents to spend more time with their children is obvious. Business owners, however, are also seeing the benefits and the number of companies making daycare conditions available to their employees is increasing all the time.

According to a Forbes report, offering parents more flexibility increases workplace satisfaction. The employee turnover is minimized, which benefits the business tremendously. The same report states that training a new employee will cost approximately 20 percent of the salary of a current employee. Thus, it’s a much better idea to give current workers some flexibility than to go through the recruitment process frequently.

Some skeptics worry about the distraction that stems from crying babies or kids running around in the workplace. The evidence so far, however, has been putting such concerns to rest.

Having little ones in the office boosts worker morale and concentration. Parents have the incentive to prove that they can do a good enough job. As long as safety guidelines are in place and kids are provided with some sort of entertainment, they don’t act as a disruptive force wreaking havoc on the tidy professional environment.

How about Older Children?

Most companies that have kid-friendly policies make it possible for parents to bring babies and toddlers with them. Such opportunities will usually not apply to older kids.

An older child will be much more difficult to keep occupied throughout the day. In addition, they will require more of the parent’s attention than a little one that needs to be fed and provided with a nice enough space for a nap.

There have been companies, however, that make it possible for workers to bring older kids to the office occasionally. If there’s an issue with the school or with daycare options, this possibility will serve as a nice reminder that employees can count on the company to cover their back.

Obviously, such opportunities shouldn’t be abused and parents will need to stick to the specific company policies pertaining to kids at the office. Things, however, are changing rapidly. Who knows what the office of the future will offer to members of the workforce.