Many marketers are guilty of the bad budget habit.

We wait until the busy holiday season before sitting down and planning out spending for the upcoming year. It feels far off, so we avoid the task at all costs, paving the way for stress and more than a few headaches when we return from the holiday break.

Why do we continue to feed the madness?

Do yourself a big favor and break the bad budget habit. Assemble your team and start setting your goals and priorities for after the new year.

Don’t wait until the holiday season starts to find your next partner. Fall is a busy time for both brands and agencies.

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The perks of getting next year’s projects squared away now?

1. Less stress.

This is by far the most obvious perk of planning ahead. Don’t spend your holiday season frantically sending emails from the ski lift. Make your transition post-break smoother and more manageable, with more time to focus on producing great work come January.

2. Have your pick of the best available talent.

December and January are slow months for everyone, including agencies. From design firms to advertising shops, agencies are always looking to pick up extra work around the holiday months.

Don’t let a lull keep you from finding your next great agency partner. Use the time to seek out the next best agency to propel your brand into the new year.

3. Use any extra year-end budget to kick off next year’s project now.

Have any extra budget that you need to spend before the year is up?

Use your budget- don’t lose it. If you have available funds, dedicate them towards getting next year’s project started now. Start contacting agencies, getting quotes, and submitting budget proposals so that the bulk of your plans are squared away before the busy holiday season begins.

Securing your agency partner earlier allows you to spend more time focusing on writing a strong brief and preparing for your first planning meeting.

Make the most of any excess budget so you use it, not lose it!