Onboarding is a crucial time to provide the training and resources that customers need to make the most out of your product. While many customers might be able to quickly ramp up after onboarding, there are some customers that are slow to adopt the features needed to achieve first value.


If you are seeing slow product adoption with your customers, here are a few ways to help turn things around:

Informed Customer Communication

The way customers engage with your product is constantly changing, even right after onboarding. The key is understanding whether their new pattern is still appropriate for their business goals.

For example, a customer might have each team member manage a specific function within your product. In this case, you should not focus on individual feature adoption as a metric of success. Instead, you should focus on daily usage and how each team member is driving value. To do this, you will need to know what’s going on behind the customer wall and use what you learn to drive informed customer communications. Without a solid understanding of product consumption at the account and user level, it is very difficult to speed up adoption.

Managing Larger Issues


Let’s assume the consumption data shows that you have a larger adoption issue. Make sure to figure out the specific reason and the scope so you can develop a focused action plan.

If the problem is lack of customer training, get proactive and schedule more training time with the specific individuals affected. By only training specific users, you are being respectful of the team’s time and are able to run a more personalized training.

If the problem is lack of feature awareness or functionalities within the product, arrange an outbound communication or training that shows the customer how they can solve other business needs with your product. Oftentimes, other customers are equally unaware, so building a scalable program around these kinds of initiatives is very valuable.

Make Sure to Follow Up


Don’t expect one phone call or an extra training to solve product adoption overnight. You should be monitoring your customer’s progress over time and reaching out with additional support and resources throughout their customer journey. Finding first value will help motivate them to use the product more, but it is up to your team to ensure they keep finding value over time.

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