Make Money with Santa!The holiday season brings different meaning to everyone. It’s a time of celebration, giving, and creating memories with loved ones. It’s also a season that inspires the creation of lists. During the holiday season, we make lists for all kinds of things in just a couple short months. We create menus, to-do lists, itineraries, shopping lists, greeting card lists, and much more. Here’s the kicker: we’re not even bothered by all these lists. It just comes naturally.

That being said, incorporating wish lists into your marketing strategy can boost sales, engagement, increase brand awareness, and provide valuable insights into your customer’s needs and pain points. If done correctly, it’s a win-win for all. Let’s take a look at three creative wish list ideas your business can use this holiday season.

Create a 2-4-1 Wish List

I call this idea a “2-4-1” because you’re reaching two people instead of only one person already familiar with your brand. With a bit of technical finesse, add a wish list form to your site where customers have the option of choosing their desired item and sending it to a friend as a gift suggestion. Your customer and their recipient engage with your brand. Adding an exclusive discount on the chosen item, simply for using the wish list option, is a good way to inspire your new audience member to make that purchase.

Inspire Feedback with Incentives

As Kailee recently pointed out, over 80% of customers report that signing up for a list is motivated by the receipt of exclusive discounts. Creating a wish list and scouring the internet for discounts are two things fresh in the minds of consumers during the holidays. Give your audience a great reason to engage with your brand by offering an exclusive holiday deal in exchange for answering a question or two and providing their email address. Receiving feedback is a valuable tool that can help you tailor your business to your audience’s needs. Consumers want your business to be invested in their needs and pain points.

Host a Wish List Contest

Increase engagement and brand awareness by hosting a wish list-themed contest. Develop a list of items from which your audience can choose. Once an item is chosen and an email address is provided, that person will be entered into a contest to win their chosen item. Promoting this type of contest via social media gets the word out about your brand, products, and current specials. A quick survey of which items were chosen also provides some insight into your best-liked products.

My Wish List for Your Company

The holiday season presents businesses with a fantastic reason to get creative with their content marketing efforts. Weaving a wish list into your content strategy during the holidays is a fabulous way to boost engagement and generate sales. Content Marketing Institute reports that over 90% of businesses use content marketing but, sadly, less than half of B2C and B2B marketers felt their content marketing efforts were effective. My wish is that your company will engage consumers with creative holiday-themed content to make the most out of the season. Reach out to your audience and increase the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy with these creative wish list ideas.

How does your business engage consumers during the holidays?