A happy workforce is usually a productive one, so when morale drops you are likely to see a decline in efficiency. Whilst getting tasks completed to a high standard is the primary concern for your business, this should never be at the expense of the welfare of your staff. If you are looking for ways to lift spirits and generally promote a positive working environment, continue on through these top tips for inspiration.

Incentive Schemes

An incentive scheme ensures that those working the hardest are rewarded for their efforts and therefore will encourage all staff members to make that extra special effort. Take the time to ask your staff what sort of incentive they would like, from cash bonuses to activity days or a lavish meal on the company.

Set targets tailored to your business; for instance a sales department could set a certain amount they wish each individual or team to have secured by the end of the year and once hit, the rewards will be available.

Rejuvenate the Office

Getting to work on a Monday morning is difficult even for those who truly love their job, so to be met by a cold office with drab décor and uncomfortable chairs will not get your staff off to the best start to the week.

Aspects such as plush office furniture, fully functioning air conditioning and contemporary décor can make a real difference, so consider hiring a specialist in office interiors to transform a dull office into an inspiring space.

Liven up a Monday

Morale is often at its lowest on a Monday morning, so why not take half an hour as a team or department to do something a little different? Perhaps a couple of team building exercises or a workshop that encourages everybody to get involved and pitch ideas before they head off to their desks for the day.

Gain Additional IT Support

When staff members are bogged down with IT related issues, they can soon start to feel pressure mounting and morale can quickly slip. Modern businesses are largely dependent on IT processes for communications, consulting and various projects to name just a few examples and play a key role in the efficiency of your business.

Rather than delegating technological tasks to your staff, consider IT outsourcing using a specialist company as they will be able to ensure processes are maintained and updated accordingly, alleviating the pressure on your staff and allowing them to turn their attention to other tasks.

Inject life into your business by carrying out these morale-boosting tips that never fail to lift spirits within an office environment. Your staff members are the core of your business, so ensure morale is high throughout and watch productivity increase significantly.

This post was written by Sophie Baker-Britton on behalf of ihotdesk, specialist providers of IT support London that alleviates pressure within the workplace across industry sectors.