big picture small pictureBig Picture thinking may need to be the focus for companies in the future.

Yes – Today, it is critical to always look at the big picture and make sure decisions made today are producing results tomorrow. With advances in technology and the need to update and change on a more regular basis, it is critical that systems are in place to insure the big picture needs can be met.

It used to be that departments could almost work independently of each other in the same company. As a result, many companies allocated resources in areas that may or may not have had much return as a result of the people who were leading these areas. People were focused only on their own departments and were typically informed about how the company was doing overall, maybe once a year.

With advances in technology with the internet, mobile devices and more reliance on information, this model has changed dramatically. The companies that survive are those that can adapt to changes in the market much quicker. In addition, the employees must be well-informed as to the direction the company is going and who their clients are. All of this information used to be in the hands of a few people, now it is imperative that all employees have a good understanding of how the company is doing and what its focus is for the future.

The key here is to really look at the following:

Clients: It is imperative to seek feedback from clients and understand the value your products and services provide to them. From here, you can determine if your current products and services are standing out from your competitors offerings. What extras are you providing that your competitors are not offering?

Building More Influence: Today, people have so many choices at their disposal. It is imperative that people can find your message in a crowded world of information. Steps need to be taken to build a better presence on the internet, social media sites, and locally in your community.

Improved Communication: People need to be informed. Start with your employees and make sure a consistent message is being communicated internally. From here, an improved communication plan needs to occur with consumers outside of your company. A strong client service team is a must in today’s business environment.

Value: Going from big picture to small picture means making changes that make substantial improvements, not 10% changes. Today, it is possible to make sweeping changes to processes in a much shorter time frame.

Take Time To Plan More And React Less: Too often, many companies try to react to client needs in a quick manner. The constant reaction to client needs is not a good process to be in and frankly can lead to possibly more issues down the road. Take a second and look at the whole issue and then determine a plan to address it. Taking a little time to talk about issues can go a long way and actually promotes better collaboration and communication in the process.

Take The Time To Hire The Right People: Finding the right people also makes all the difference in the world. You need people who have skills in the areas of “idea thinkers,” “problem solvers,” “client-service type people,” “self-starters,” “entrepreneurs.”


Companies are being hit with all types of demands and issues in all areas of their businesses. It takes a solid focus with participation from a number of people to insure a company is able to address these needs on a daily basis. If you stop and look at issues from a big picture standpoint, it really can improve the way company’s approach opportunities and issues and helps insure that companies can adapt to more changes in the future. Change is happening right before our eyes, each and every day.

How can companies better adapt to these changes? I believe each company must determine their own process. This isn’t some type of cookie-cutter system. Every company is unique.

[Photo Credit: Pixabay]