STRESS – the bane of the lead generation profession. It is a physical and mental condition that can bring qualified B2B leads productivity down of even the best employees. You know you are stressed when you do not want to leave your bed in the morning, work sluggishly through the day, suffer from headaches, or in a generally bad mood. This is something that you can typically see when telemarketing is employed, where rejection rates can be pretty high. Surely, you would want to do something about it, right? Getting stressed out will not just affect your performance in the company, it can also affect the state of your physical health. Actually, dealing with it is fairly easy. All you need to do is to follow these tips:

Clean up your work desk – a cluttered desk can have an impact on your perception of things. A messy desk makes you feel overwhelmed by your work. By tidying up your desk during and after your work, you put a more positive spin on your tasks.
Have a massage – appointment setting work (more active form of lead generation) can be a pain in the neck at times, and it can bog your body down. Having a professional massage your body relaxes your senses, as well as improve the flow of blood in your body, thereby reducing the level of stress you feel.
Walk around – whether you are in the office or going home, walking is an excellent way to excellent way to exercise. Plus, it is very useful in releasing pent up stress in your body. By the time you get home, you will often feel better about it.
Take occasional breaks – work hard and then unwind a bit. Sure, the last call gave you a headache, but if you take some time to take a breather, not only will you get your bearings back, it will also prepare you better for the next number on your lead generation list.
Cut down the caffeine – a cup of coffee to start the morning is good, but if that is your sole beverage, then you are not doing your body any good. Too much caffeine has been known to increase stress levels, so you should make it a point to reduce the quantity you drink.
Drink water – working all day in a dry environment can reduce the level of fluids in our bodies. If you want to make your mind work better in generating sales leads, you need to grab a glass of water to rehydrate.
Relax after work – do yoga, stretching or any activity that can help you unwind after work. This will help you prepare for your work the next day. 

These are just some of the tips that you and your marketing team can follow in combating stress. An effective lead generation campaign is a necessary part of your business operation, so you should prepare something to put your bearings back in order after a long day’s work.