Whether it’s your staff or your personal life, it can be hard to stay motivated. Many of us know what we should be doing, but can’t find the motivation to put our best-laid plans into practice.  We may have valid excuses such as family obligations, but we are aware that other people with the same challenges are achieving their goals. In the workplace, your sales team may not be making their numbers, while another sales team operating under the same conditions may be succeeding.  Being properly motivated can be the difference between success and failure. That’s where a motivational speaker can help.

Even a successful manager can sometimes use some help in motivating the troops. Maybe your company is launching a new product and you want to let your employees know that it is time to redouble their efforts.  But they’ve heard all of your motivational strategies over the years. You may not want to admit it, but your office could be in a rut and people are tuning you out.

What motivational speakers can do

A motivational speaker can offer a new voice and a new approach. Many motivational speakers have unique backstories that they draw on to inspire others.  They may have overcome life-threatening situations, whether on the battlefield, in illness or in other situations. They may have overcome obstacles such as addiction.  They may have started out poor and ended up rich.

When an audience hears a first-person account of triumph over adversity, they can be inspired to overcome the adversities they face in their own lives or in the workplace that are often trivial by comparison.  They can feed off of the motivational speaker’s passion and enthusiasm: “If I can do it, so can you!”

Motivational speakers have a variety of roles

A motivational speaker’s message may be tailored to a specific goal, such as increasing sales numbers or losing weight.  Audience members may then expect not just inspiring words but specific strategies for reaching their goals, strategies that have been shown to work elsewhere.  Learning new techniques to help in your professional or personal life can only help increase your motivation.

It can be hard to think positively when you are surrounded by negative thinkers or a part of an office in which people have lost confidence in the direction of the company and in themselves.  A motivational speaker can build or rebuild that confidence. When people start to overcome their fears, they may find that they have abilities they did realize they had. A motivational speaker can encourage people to overcome their fears and achieve their goals.