An entrepreneur assumes the risk and is dedicated and committed to the success of whatever he or she undertakes. ~ Victor Kiam

Before a doctor can diagnose a specific disease, the patient must undergo a series of examinations, laboratory tests and assessments. She must know the history of the patient and how lifestyle may have affected this person’s present health status. As the results come in, decisions can then be made about prescribing specific drugs or therapies for treatment, as well as maintenance. All of these steps should eventually contribute to the level of optimum health for the individual. If all else fails, then the process will need to be repeated.

An entrepreneur’s responsibilities work in much the same manner. The difference is that the entrepreneur sees her clients and customers as his patients, and you must determine what is needed to survive the predicament. The entrepreneur must follow certain logical steps, so as not to contribute to the downfall of their business. There are certain innate characteristics in the personality of most entrepreneurs which lead to success.

Entrepreneurship can have many definitions. Here we will use the word to indicate a person who can define and exhibit a vision of their own, take specific and metered actions to pursue that vision to the acheive their goals, and bring that vision into reality. In plainer English, it means getting your butt off of that sofa and doing something that you dream of, rather than fulfilling your life’s destiny of becoming a couch potato.

Last week, we talked about the entreprenerial mindset (see Entrepreneur? Check your mindset!). Today, let’s talk about entrepreneurial characteristics.

• Optimism. This means that you foresee things in a positive way. This does not mean that you won’t run into circumstances or obstacles that may hinder progress. This means that you remain focused on the bigger picture. You can “keep your eyes on the prize: in spite of your current situation. How assertive you are will depend on your knowledge of how to handle difficult situations.

• Creativity. Creativity is thinking outside of the proverbial box. This means that you have the ability to expad your mind beyond ordinary solutions through creative thought, research and collection of data.

• Stability. To be a successful leader, for the long haul, you must have a stable life- physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. It requires stability in the other areas of your life to be able to handle tough situations during tough times

• Charismatic. Entrepreneurs need to be able to intelligently communicate with people from different walks of life. A good entrepreneur must have the certain magic gleam in their eyes and be able to convey their ideas convincingly, yes and often charmingly.

• Risk-taker. As someone who is beginning to pursue their own dreams, you must be stern and have the guts and grit to take the big leap. You plunge out into the deep with a lot of knowledge behind you, but no one ever knows for sure if ultomately they are plunging into doom or success. If you believe in yourself and your ideas, you cannot be afraid of taking calculated risks when opportunity strikes.

• Energetic. Yu must be willing to do whatever it takes to reach the finish line. Your drive must always be at its highest level, because being an entrepreneur, especially in the beginning, means working a lot of hours. Your enthusiasm must sustain you until the next best thing or big break.

• Continual learner. Your small business or idea could turn out to be the next “big hit”, so it is vital that you stay on top of innovations within your industry of field.

It is absolutely necessary as a beginner to remain positive about your endeavors. You must be very observant of what your environment lacks or needs. You should have broad and sturdy shoulders for carrying the extra weight of responsibility. But don’t lose your focus. Always remember your “Why.” You are moving toward something that could change your whole life.

  • Go against convention.
  • Think big.
  • Act.
  • Make your business dreams come true.


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