It’s important to take the time to ensure you’ve chosen the right business for you. And once you’ve decided what type of business makes you passionate, what type of customer needs you, and what training you need, you’re well on your way to finalizing your plan to become a successful entrepreneur. This will help you become a business owner but do you want to settle on just being an average entrepreneur? Your goal should be to be an irresistible entrepreneur. So how do you add that magic?

You need to start out with a passion for your business.

It should be your mission to be the world’s “Best Business Owner.”

Investopedia lists these 10 qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

  • Passion & Motivation
  • Risk Taking
  • Self-belief, Hard Work, Disciplined Dedication
  • Adaptability & Flexibility
  • Understand your offering and its market
  • Money Management
  • Planning
  • Networking Abilities

Here’s how to tell if you’re a “natural-born” entrepreneur:

hit virtual assistantsThe next time you are involved in a project at work, pay close attention to how much you manage and guide the progress. Are you passionate about the outcome and motivated to succeed. If problems arise, are you able to adapt and be flexible enough to modify your original plan? Or do you let someone else take the lead and dictate each task to you?

If you’re still unsure, answer the following nine questions:

  1. Is there something that you can work on over and over again, without getting bored? (Passion)
  2. Is there something that you enjoy the most and want to continue doing for the rest of your life? (Passion)
  3. Do you risk time and money on unknowns while making sure you have the resources to continue if the risk doesn’t pay off? (Risk-taking)
  4. Do you believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your business goals? (Self-belief)
  5. Are you flexible enough to adapt to changes in the market, your business, and your life? (Adaptability & Flexibility)
  6. Do you understand the benefits of your service, and who your target market is? (Understand your offering)
  7. Do you have excellent money management skills? (Money Management)
  8. Are you able to create and implement, actionable plans? (Planning)

Are you comfortable reaching out to mentors with more experience and extensive networks to seek valuable advice? (Networking Abilities)

The more “yes” answers you gave, the better suited you are to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

There are thousands of entrepreneurs out there – many of them in your specialized field. But you’ll also find that many of these entrepreneurs don’t have a clear understanding of what it takes to build a profitable business.

Some fumble around chasing the dream but never quite achieving it. Some have management skills, but can’t properly implement them in their own business. Some try to tell clients what they need but have no idea what they are actually looking for. And some are just flat out frauds.

A few processes complete the mastery of what it means to be an entrepreneur. They strive every minute to build their business and be a highly successful business owner. These are the ones who are irresistible. These are the entrepreneurs living the dream. If you are truly motivated to succeed, you can be irresistible too.