Be True To Yourself and Your Business

We face many distractions and obstacles in our day-to-day lives so it’s not worth the effort to be something you are not. Eventually, your true self will come out. When it does, and if you are not showing desirable traits, you will be shunned for being “fake”. Here is how to be true to yourself and your business.

We are who we are – until we’re not.

Why It’s Important and How To Be True To Yourself

Whether at work or in social circles, I have much more respect and admiration for a person who shows their core self than one who is a chameleon. I will like you for who you ARE, not the fake person you are trying to be. Don’t try to be someone else in an effort to please me. That’s not what friendship is. That’s not how to build trust. That’s not what gets my loyal business.

If situations change, your core beliefs should be steadfast to who you are and not change with the wind. You never know where you stand with someone like that.

Sure, circumstances may arise that make you take a new direction or follow other guidelines, but your foundation must be clear. What are your beliefs? How do you act under this scenario? Where do you stand on this topic?

Try To Improve Yourself

If you are trying to improve yourself, learn a new skill, or take the steps needed to advance your career, that’s great – I will support you. But, if you’re wearing the “mask of others”, you’re out of luck. If your business does the same, you’re out of luck too!

Friends may be more forgiving than customers, and that’s understandable. Friends have a longer history of dealing with you and may better understand why you’ve taken a new path. Customers, well, not so much. Our customers judge us on a few unique measurements such as trust, honesty, fairness, convenience, and appreciation, to name a few. When these are broken, there is little history or personal emotions to account for. It’s time for them to move on.

Just remember to be respectful, professional, determined and most of all, be someone that others can count on. Your friends and customers will appreciate it.