What does being the go-to person in your niche really mean?

Does it mean being an expert?

Not necessarily – many of the top resource websites on the web were created with nothing more than an idea.

Does it mean having a big following?

It can, but not always –

I read something interesting the other day and thought it fit in very well with today’s message.

In the book “Positioning” (http://linkforyou.info/positioning) by Al Ries and Jack Trout, they use the reference “Cherchez le creneau,” which is French for “look for the hole.”

And then they go on to make a complete statement, which is “Cherchez le creneau and fill it.”

Look for the hole in your market and be the one to fill it.

Let’s talk about competition for a moment…

The nature of competition is …

…well, it’s a fierce beast –

And you have 2 choices, you can fight with it or you can look for the hole.

If you spend any length of time on marketing forums or in social groups, you’ll hear references to competition and the “competitive niches.” “Competition is scary.” “It’s tough to compete with more established coaches, consultants, trainers, (your competitive counterparts).”

Yes, competing with the big businesses would be scary.

But you aren’t going to compete with them…

Here’s a piece of advice given to me by one of my earliest mentors, that has served me very well since coming online in 2009…

…and that is, “there will always be competition in the marketplace. Heck, if there’s not, then you are in the wrong niche. There SHOULD be competition. But the competition doesn’t matter to the success of YOUR business.

You are unique.
You sell a unique service.
And your business offers something unique.

And all of the above is communicated by your USP.”

Your USP makes competition completely irrelevant. In other words, whatever the competition does just doesn’t matter.

And when you craft a USP using the “Cherchez le creneau” method, then everything else becomes so much easier.

Creating content becomes easier, tweaking your website becomes easier and generating prospects becomes easier.

USP’s are unique, they are unique to you and your business and that simple statement or phrase gives you an advantage over all others
in your niche.

So, don’t try to fight with competition, rise above it and DOMINATE your field.


1) In a competitive marketplace, there are only 2 options: fight the competition or look for the hole in it.

Fighting with the big names is going to be a waste of energy and resources. So instead, look for the hole in you niche.

Look for a spot that is incomplete or hasn’t been talked about every which way.

2) A well crafted USP can take your business from a small little start-up to a leader in your field – but it starts with how clearly defined
your USP is.

Raving Fans List Building Formula makes crafting a USP as easy as, well, following a formula.

It really can’t get any better than that…